Halo Infinite pro Snip3down calls for major changes to ‘broken’ Mangler

Halo Infinite pro Snip3down calls for major changes to 'broken' Mangler343 Industries

FaZe Clan Halo Infinite pro Eric ‘Snip3down’ Wrona is leading the charge, demanding major changes for one of the game’s most broken guns: the Mangler. 

Halo Infinite has a plethora of power weapons in the game, but none have been emphasized as much as the Mangler.

At HCS Raleigh, champions Cloud 9, as well as FaZe and others, all prioritized the Mangler spawn and made sure to have control of the revolver.

Now, Snip3down and many other pros are calling for 343 Industries to change the Mangler and make it less oppressive.

Halo Infinite pros call for Mangler nerfs 

The futuristic revolver holds eight bullets with four clips in reserve, but that’s the not biggest issue. The gun only requires two shots to break a Spartan’s shield, which can be combined with a melee or a Battle Rifle burst for maximum damage.

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On top of that, it spawns on the map every 30 seconds. So between the timer and the ammo count, it feels that the Mangler is always wreaking havoc on the map.

Snip3down and others recommend that 343 lowers the number of bullets the gun holds, as well as putting it on the same timer as other power weapons and items.

OpTic Gaming pro, Tommy ‘Lucid’ Wilson chimed in, agreeing with the FaZe player that the Mangler needs to be nerfed in upcoming patches.

The only concern for these pros is relaying this information to the dev team. Snip3down claimed that they “used to have a way to voice these concerns.” However, in Halo Infinite there seems to be a lack of communication between players and developers.

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Halo Esports lead at 343, Tashi, said that they are listening to all the feedback that players are providing and “surveys are on the way so we can capture it all in a clear and concise way.”

The North America regional event, HCS Anaheim is set to begin on February 11, so if there is a major update then players will hope it comes out before then.