Halo Infinite God Mode hackers are now ruining games

Andrew Highton
master chief in halo
343 Industries

God Mode appears to have made its way into Halo Infinite and players are becoming frustrated by their invincible foes.

The Halo franchise has been around now for decades, but so has the infamous God Mode glitch. Instead of relying on hard work and skill, cheaters have enabled God Mode in various games to make themselves all-mighty and invincible.

It makes them impossible to kill and makes for unfun games. Games like Warzone have been subjected to repeated hacking, and now 343 Industries’ AAA shooter appears to be the latest victim of God Mode.

players fighting in halo infinite online
343 Industries
Will future games of Halo Infinite become plagued with hackers like Warzone did?

Halo Infinite has enjoyed a relatively solid launch, aside from some Battle Pass and XP issues. The gameplay is the classic, quintessential sci-fi multiplayer experience that long-time fans have come to love over the years.

Add in the campaign, and Halo Infinite is off to one of the franchise’s hottest starts. But the God Mode troubles could derail its momentum if it continues to escalate, as evidenced by this post on the Halo subreddit.

The video featured multiple encounters with a player on the enemy team that simply would not die.

There’s some split opinion over whether or not this is a God Mode hacker, or if it’s an example of desync for the player. For those unaware, desync is a connectivity issue in which the action you’re seeing in real-time doesn’t reflect the actual action taking place.

For example, you believe you’re hidden behind cover when in actual fact your actions aren’t being transmitted properly, and to another player, you’re actually just standing out in the open.

The scoreboard says that after the first encounter in the video, the alleged hacker is 6-5, with five deaths not becoming of a God Mode hacker. Yet, the player we’re following has already racked up a few kills by this point, suggesting it’s not a desync issue.

Furthermore, the opposition player is pelted by an ungodly amount of fire during the course of the video. The comments section is decidedly mixed over whether or not this was true God Mode.