Halo Infinite to have unique take on battle royale, according to Microsoft insider

Albert Petrosyan
343 Industries

Halo Infinite, sources report, will feature a battle royale mode unique from the likes of Fortnite Battle Royale and Apex Legends.

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With the entire Halo player-base impatiently waiting for Infinite to drop, one of the major questions surrounding it is whether 343 Industries will follow the powerful battle royale trend and include their own take on the popular genre.

Brad Sims, a prominent source for information relating to tech giants such as Microsoft, has published a video suggesting that a BR mode is indeed coming to the highly anticipated title. 

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Halo battle royale will not “rip Fortnite and Apex Legends”

According to Sims’ video, Microsoft has poured in a very large amount of money into the budget for Halo Infinite, enough that makes a separate battle royale mode entirely plausible.

“I’m also hearing that 343 Industries is going to bring battle royale to the next generation Halo game,” he said. “I don’t know what form it’s going to take. I’m hearing it’s going to have some Halo-esque to it.”

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Respawn / Epic GamesHalo Infinite’s battle royale mode will be very unique and not “rip off Fortnite and Apex Legends.”

Sims also reported that Halo’s BR mode will be unique and not be a copy of Fortnite and Apex Legends, two behemoths in the genre, since it’s coming out so late with respect to those two games. 

“They’re not going to just rip Fortnite and Apex Legends at this point,” he said. “They don’t want to replicate exactly what they’re doing. But they are going to bring something along that flavor to the next generation Halo multiplayer. It is in the early development stages, so things can and often will change.”

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343 Industries deny Halo battle royale

Sims’ reports go directly against what 343 Industries have maintained over the past year, vehemently denying, on multiple occasions, that a battle royale mode is in the works for Halo Infinite.  

The first time came back in July 2018, when they announced that the title will not include a battle royale mode, and again in December, when they cleverly stated that “the only BR we’re interested in is Battle Rifle.”

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However, since the reported BR mode in Halo Infinite is apparently going to be so unique, some believe that 343 are simply not counting it as BR and thus being cheeky with their denials. 

343 Industries343 Industries continue to deny that Halo Infinite will have a battle royale mode.

What is Halo Infinite and when does it release?

Halo Infinite is the next installment in the popular Halo franchise that has released over a dozen games since Halo: Combat Evolved came out back in 2001. 

343 have confirmed that this will be a direct sequel to Halo 5: Guardians, which released in 2015, and has been described to be a “spiritual reboot” for the franchise.

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An official release date for Halo Infinite has not been announced, but it is expected to come sometime in 2020. 

343 are expected to reveal a lot of new details about the game in the upcoming E3 gaming convention in June, including a brand new trailer, the release date, gameplay videos, and more. 

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