Halo Infinite dev drops hint of “major overhaul” coming after fan theories

spartan warrior holding gun343 Industries

Delays to the Halo Infinite Season 2 Roadmap and future plans have left fans angry, but a Twitter interaction has sparked big rumors regarding the game’s upcoming content.

343 Industries were supposed to be dropping a Roadmap in January 2022 to let players know what was on the horizon for Halo Infinite. The bulletin never came, and the company’s Head of Creative Joseph Staten issued a statement on Twitter to say: “We need more time to finalize our plans so what we share is something you can rely on. This work is my top priority, and we’ll have an update as soon as we can.”

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This left fans angry and frustrated as they were keen for reasons to commit to the game long-term, especially as co-op and Forge are big features wanted by the community.

It seems there may be some underlying reasons for the delay though if the actions of 343 dev Brian Jarrard are anything to go by.

master chief looking out of window343 Industries
Many players are eagerly awaiting co-op mode to be introduced.

Is Halo Infinite set for some big changes?

A Twitter user by the name of Ascend Hyperion retweeted Staten’s message and offered their own interesting take on the Season 2 Roadmap delay.

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“People are going to chase clout on this (cause it’s easy) But really, my interpretation is that Infinite might be getting the deep scrub, comprehensive re-evaluation it needs and if that’s happening, whatever they had planned in November is long out-dated. Hope for REAL change!”

Ordinarily, this would be treated as a speculative message, but the Tweet was liked by Brian Jarrard, Halo’s Community Director.

halo infinite tweetAscend Hyperion, Brian Jarrad
Can it really be that coincidental?

It would seem totally out of leftfield for a person in such a higher-up position with 343 to like a Tweet of this nature without just cause. It’s only reasonable to suggest that 343 Industries have taken on board all the criticism for Halo Infinite and are focused on trying to iron out its flaws to increase its prospects of longevity.

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Whilst there is evidence of Brian liking the tweet, we’ll have to wait for either confirmation from the man himself or a statement from 343 to see what the true plans are for Halo Infinite.

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