Dr Disrespect raises concerns with Warzone “hackusations” taking over Halo Infinite

Julian Young
Dr Disrespect Halo Infinite Worried About Warzone Hackusations Hackers
YouTube: DrDisRespect / 343 Industries

Cheaters have started trickling into Halo Infinite, and Dr Disrespect is worried that the “hackusations” plaguing Warzone might arrive in 343’s title if these hacks continue to spread.

The early release of Halo Infinite’s multiplayer took the FPS genre by storm, and the highly anticipated title has already reached an all-time peak of over a quarter-million players on Steam alone.

There are plenty of things fans love about Infinite, but the arrival of cheaters has soured the experience for many, with players on Xbox consoles calling for the game’s crossplay functionality to be disabled as hackers continue to spread.

Now, YouTube star Dr Disrespect has joined the chorus, warning that if Halo’s cheating woes continue, the game could end up suffering from the type of “hackusations” that have weighed on Warzone since the BR was released.

Halo Infinite Multiplayer Screenshot Spartan Armor Command Rifle
343 Industries
Cheating is already becoming a topic of concern amongst Halo Infinite’s community.

Amidst the growing discontent over cheating in Halo Infinite, the Two-Time — who’s been enjoying the title since it came out — waded into the conversation to offer his take.

“Cheating in Halo is a scary thing to think about,” he began, before continuing, “If it gets out of control like Warzone, everyone is gonna question everything, and then it turns into this huge hackusation movement [that] nobody wants.”

“[343 Industries] . . . give us some relief. It’s such a good game,” he pleaded.

There were plenty of other Warzone veterans who shared the Two-Time’s opinion on Infinite’s cheating issues. Douglas ‘DougisRaw’ Wolf was quick to agree with the Doc’s sentiment: “Not gonna go through another game that has everyone contemplating if someone is nuts [or cheating].”

Some fans have even called for 343i to take a more heavy-handed approach to combat Infinite’s cheating problems. “Kernel anti-cheat is the only way forward,” one comment read. “They have to put in a lot more effort than a simple 2-step download and 3rd party software launch.”

It remains to be seen how the team at 343i plans on addressing these cheating issues, but Halo Infinite’s community seems to be in universal agreement that something needs to be done, with Dr Disrespect predicting a grim future for the title if major action isn’t taken.