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Halo Infinite fans slam “anti-player decisions,” demand classic modes

Published: 25/Nov/2021 16:41

by Sam Smith


Halo Infinite’s multiplayer release has been largely well-received, but certain decisions are ruining the experience for some players.

After releasing several weeks early, the multiplayer portion of Halo Infinite has reminded players why Halo is the king of sci-fi shooters. The game has so much potential and has arguably stolen the spotlight from other multiplayer shooters that were released around the same time – but certain developer decisions are holding the game back from greatness and its community is making its voice heard.

The good news is, developer 343 Industries have demonstrated their ability to listen to the fans, first in recognizing that Halo Infinite needed more polish following the Craig trailer. Then again by unveiling changes to the game’s controversial Battle Pass system. However, some fans feel more work is needed.


Halo Infinite screenshot showing a Spartan holding the Heatwave
343 Industries
Halo Infinite is great but has some teething issues.

Halo Infinite ongoing multiplayer issues

A Reddit post listed many of the game’s ongoing problems, bemoaning how the game would be ideal if certain issues were tackled by the devs. The original poster said, “Halo infinite has amazing core gameplay, but it is surrounded by some horrible anti-player decisions.”

They went on to clarify what was frustrating them saying, “Drip-feeding a single matchmaking mode, packaged as a “free event” with time-gated tiers and overpriced shop items is a complete joke.”

“Time-gated cosmetics is one thing, but a fundamental gameplay mode choice? How can Halo exist without FFA, SWAT, Snipers, or basic Slayer in matchmaking? There is no veto/voting system either, so we are forced to play whatever we are restricted to.”


As well as design decisions restricting player choice, others were more concerned about the normalization of microtransactions in multiplayer games. One user posted, “You unlock this door with the last three numbers on the back of your credit card.”

Halo Infinite Spartans wearing various skins
343 Industries
Microtransactions and a lack of classic modes have alienated some Halo players.

Halo Infinite is still a work in progress

It’s important to remember that Halo Infinite has only just launched. Microsoft will want to support the title over a long lifespan, so it’s likely that more player options will be added in time. Here’s hoping the game should hopefully outgrow its teething issues as time goes on.

However, the game’s microtransactions are likely here to stay, with this issue being part of a much wider gaming debate. For an in-depth look at what Dexerto thought of the game’s multiplayer, check out our review.