Sykkuno fans make GTA RP streamer a star overnight with Denzel4Mayor campaign

Lauren Bergin
sykkuno GTA RP trend
Twitch: Sykkuno, NoPixel Wiki

Beloved Twitch streamer Sykkuno’s impact on the No Pixel GTA RP server can’t be understated, especially since his fans have managed to get a virtual mayoral election campaign trending on Twitter. 

While the NoPixel GTA RP server is home to a whole collection of famous faces, Sykkuno’s notorious criminal character, Yuno, has etched himself into the Los Santos history books.

Despite confirming his departure from the server in early June, his fanbase appear to have fallen in love with many of his Cleanbois colleagues and continue to watch their exploits.

It turns out that his community have done their part to promote Jonthebroski’s infamous crime lord Denzel Williams’ new election campaign. However, their efforts have transcended the GTA universe and have made their way into the real world.

GTA RP Denzel Williams
NoPixel Wiki
Denzel is tuning over a new leaf with his election campaign… or is he?

#Denzel4Mayor trends on Twitter

After GTA RP player Suzy_Q (known in-game under the alias of reporter Dreah Johnson) appealed to Sykkuno’s fanbase to help get #Denzel4Mayor trending, fans of the Twitch star came out in style.

Writing “can we do #Denzel4Mayor PLEASE?” she appealed to Yuno’s community with a sneaky “(*cough* Sykkuno fans seeing a lot of you around here nowadays hi nice to meet you thank you for supporting the channel and content much love thank you bye *cough*)”

Hearing her pleas and choosing to benevolent, the hashtag went viral overnight and did, indeed, start trending.

As the news broke, fellow RP star Lang Buddha revealed in-game that “#Denzel4Mayor is trending on Twitter by the way… like Twitter Twitter,” and is met with a wave of awe from his companions.

Jonthebroski responds

The man of the hour also had quite a bit to say about his GTA RP alter ego’s trending takeover. Writing  “the fact #Denzel4Mayor is trending is kinda wild lmao,” he notes that his Twitch channel “hit 62k followers” as a result. 

At the time of writing, this has increased to 62.4k. Considering he had 60k followers beforehand, this means almost 2,500 new users followed him as a result of the Twitter trend.

So will Denzel actually become the mayor of Los Santos? Only time will tell.