Sykkuno hints at moving on from GTA RP with OfflineTV Rust server returning - Dexerto

Sykkuno hints at moving on from GTA RP with OfflineTV Rust server returning

Published: 29/May/2021 11:12

by Connor Bennett


Twitch star Sykkuno has talked about GTA RP starting to ‘slow down’ and there being a lack of progression for criminals, which could see him opt to play something else.

With NoPixel 3.0 helping propel GTA RP back to the top of Twitch, a number of big streamers have gotten involved with the roleplaying server.

While some have not stuck around for too long, Sykkuno has become completely immersed in the criminal lifestyle, and has made a name for himself as the premier bank hacker in the city.

The streamer has pretty much been only playing GTA RP for the last few weeks, however, he believes the server is starting to slow down a little bit and that might be the perfect jumping-off point, at least for now.


NoPixel server GTA
Rockstar Games
NoPixel is the most popular RP server for GTA.

After kicking off his May 28 stream, Sykkuno was inundated with questions from fans, ranging from what he’d done prior to going live, and if he had any plans to join OfflineTV’s Rust server again, seeing as that’s starting back up.

The streaming star suggested that he might not play Rust this time around, but Minecraft could be an option given how GTA RP was starting to become a bit slow for criminals like himself.

“GTA is slowing down. It’s harder to get banks and stuff, we’ve got to find stuff to do, and there aren’t many criminals left either,” Sykkuno said, noting how other gangs have started to progress further than his group. “I just feel like the progression is pretty much gone… yeah, crime is a dying breed pretty much, but it’s still pretty fun.”


Even though they run a mod of GTA V, NoPixel’s devs and admins are the ones who push out the new content, and they’ve been drip-feeding it so far, just so there’s still things to do at a later date.

As for a lack of criminals, some streamers have swapped over to playing the police characters, given there’s a lot of ongoing storylines there, but as Sykkuno points out, that then harms the criminal side of things.

It remains to be seen if he’ll stick around GTA RP for the long-time, or if he’ll dip out and take a lengthy break like others have.