GTA RP police officer reveals the worst call he got as a real life cop

Michael Gwilliam
cop five0anth0 in GTA OnlineRockstar Games/Instagram/five0anth0

GTA RP gives players a chance to roleplay as police officers, criminals and even fast food employees, but for streamer Five0AnthO, he brings his job to Twitch as a real-life cop. However, the stuff he experiences at work is far more serious than what he deals with in-game.

Five0AnthO has the unique perspective of being a full-time California cop in real life and one in NoPixel’s GTA RP server, where he plays the character Tony Andrews. According to the streamer’s channel description, he’s trying to mend the disconnect between the community and police officers.

During a May 11 broadcast, the cop was asked about the worst call was he ever got while on the job. Being a self-proclaimed “open book,” the officer decided to answer the question and dug into some seriously disturbing details.

WARNING: Content advisory

According to Andrews, the absolute worst calls are when a baby passes away because of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome).

“I’ve been to two SIDS,” the officer revealed. “I mean, having a kid myself, that would be an unbearable pain.”

Additionally, while Andrews said he has only had to perform CPR three times in his life, the first time he ever had to do it was horrible.

“A pretty young dude went into his bathroom and hanged himself from the shower wand. His girlfriend found him in the bathroom and took him down from the shower wand. I got there first… I get there and I started doing CPR,” he explained. “It felt like forever.”

Five0AnthO then revealed the worst part about the situation: the man had a two-year-old, which resonated with him because his kid was only three at the time.

“He was just playing in the background. Like just throwing a ball around,” the cop added. “He had no idea what was going on. Just like ‘damn,’ this kid is gonna be scared.”

The California cop also discussed what calls in particular get his blood going and disturb him the most.

“Any call with children. I hate any sort of sexual assault calls with children. I do a lot of work with our vice unit, we do a lot of human trafficking stings. Stuff like that. Anytime we get a kid out there, it sucks to hear their story,” he said.

Five0AnthO noted that kids are very honest about their situations and tell everything because of how terrified they are.

It just goes to show how different the situations cops in GTA RP deal with compared to the ones in real life. On the bright side, games can provide a great escapism – one that Five0AnthO undoubtedly takes full advantage of.