GTA Online Winter update: Christmas snow event, free cars & bonus cash

Connor Bennett
GTA Online at the Vinewood hills sign in the snow
Reddit: Substantial_Fail

Grand Theft Auto Online’s annual winter update is here, with snow falling around Los Santos and Rockstar handing out gifts in the form of free vehicles. 

For the past few years, Rockstar Games have celebrated Christmas in GTA Online with snow, decorations around Los Santos, and even adding new content like snowball fights. 

This year is no different. Following the Cayo Perico heist update, which most GTA Online players assumed would bring the holiday celebrations with it, Rockstar have rolled out their official Christmas update. 

It’s not a major download like the heist, but instead, it’s just a server-side update that takes the place of the weekly updates that are typically released on a Thursday. So, everything you see here is live now and can be messed about with as soon as you load the game up. 

GTA Online map covered in snow
Rockstar Games
Los Santos is always coated in snow over the Winter.

Snow in GTA Online & free masks

The biggest thing, every year, about these winter updates is the snow. It just covers Los Santos, and while it won’t really affect your driving, the new weather make for some nice photos. 

Again, alls you have to do is drop into a game and the streets should be covered in the stuff. You may see some players really getting into the festive spirit with some new clothes because all festive masks are free too.

Simply head down to any store that sells masks, and you’ll see that every festive mask is free for you to claim. So, scroll through the list and take what you want. 

Free cars & new cars in GTA Christmas update

Additionally, there are other free gifts than just festive-themed masks. The Grotti Brioso is free from Southern San Andreas Super Autos, rather than costing $610,000.

There is also a new car on the casino spin wheel that is just a little nicer than the Brioso. That’d be the $2,550,000 Progen Tyrus. So, if you hit the jackpot, you’ll have a super sweet ride to cruise around with in the snow. 

You can also buy the second go-kart too – the  Dinka Veto Modern. It’s not free like the previous log-in bonus, however. The Grotti Italia RSX is also new to the fold, and available from Legendary Motorsports.

Cash bonuses: Stunt and Transform races & Good Behavior

As for bonuses, it’s double money on Stunt and Transform Races. So, drop into a few of them if you want to build up cash.

It’s also triple money on good behavior bonuses. So, if you just trot around Los Santos without hurting anybody, you’ll get a nice chunk of change pretty quickly. 

New radio stations: The Music Locker & Still Slippin

If you want to listen to some new tunes, well, you’re in luck. The Music Locker and Still Slippin radio stations are now available for everyone.

You can still pick up the antenna collectibles for the latter too, and earn yourself a nice $250k cash bonus. Check out our guide for that, here.

These bonuses, free cars, and snow won’t last forever, so you should jump into GTA Online at some point sooner rather than later. 

If anything else changes, we’ll be sure to update this piece, so, keep checking back in with Dexerto.