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GTA Online update: Reaper Casino vehicle, Twitch Prime rewards & 3x cash

Published: 30/Apr/2020 14:29

by Jacob Hale


GTA Online players on PS4, Xbox One and PC are welcoming a brand-new update on April 30, bringing a new car on the podium, money and RP rewards and discounts to the game, among other things.

The weekly update keeps GTA Online content fresh even now, almost seven years after Grand Theft Auto V first released, with vehicles and rewards coming to the game on a regular basis and giving players something to grind for.

While Rockstar Games haven’t yet released official patch notes for the April 30 update, leaker TezFunz2 has given players the lowdown on what to expect when they load up GTA after the update.

GTA Online April 30 update

New Lucky Wheel Podium Vehicle: Reaper

Rockstar Games
The Reaper is a luxury supercar fan’s dream.

The Lucky Wheel Casino reward for this week is the Reaper, a Lamborghini Huracan-inspired supercar that embodies the luxury vehicles GTA players love to collect.

With a purchase price a little under $1.6 million, the Reaper is guaranteed to turn heads, especially if you take it to Los Santos Customs to personalize it a bit and really make the car yours.

GTA$ and RP Bonuses

As always, players can earn boosted rates of GTA$ and RP for playing different modes. Here’s how you can maximize your earnings from playing in the April 30 update.

Rockstar Games
Players will be able to make some extra money with different tasks and challenges.

3x GTA$ and RP

  • Business Battles

2x GTA$ and RP

  • Hotring Circuit races
  • Issi Classic races
  • RC Bandito races
  • Special Cargo business

Property and Vehicle discounts

As usual, GTA Online players will be able to earn discounts and take up special offers on property and vehicles this week. Here’s what’s available.

  • 40% Off Nightclubs
  • 60% Off Hotring Sabre ($332,000)
  • 40% Off Strikeforce ($2,280,000)
  • 35% Off Oppressor ($1,722,500)
  • 40% Off Laser weapons

Races and Time Trials

Rockstar Games
GTA Online players will be able to participate in new races.
  • Premium Race: A Sign of Things to Come
  • Time Trial: Tongva Valley
  • RC Time Trial: Construction Site II

Twitch Prime rewards

Twitch Prime members are able to get rewards each month in GTA Online. Here’s what Rockstar are offering in the newest update:

  • 80% Off Pfister 811 ($227,000)
  • 60% Off Declasse Drift Yosemite ($523,200 – $392,400)

A facility dupe glitch has also been patched to improve the game’s quality of life.

That’s everything we know that is included in the GTA Online April 30 update, though it’s possible something else pops up as players become accustomed to the update – and we’ll be sure to report on anything new.


GTA 6 fans believe Super Bowl 55 could have a reveal after Vice City teasers

Published: 24/Jan/2021 12:48

by Connor Bennett


Grand Theft Auto fans are hopeful that Super Bowl 55 could have some answers about GTA 6, given that Super Bowl 54 seemingly had teasers a year ago. 

Despite complete silence from Rockstar Games, there is no bigger question in gaming right now than ‘when will we finally get our hands on GTA 6?’

There has been all manner of rumors, leaks, and teasers in the last few years, with players digging through Grand Theft Auto V, Red Dead Redemption, and even Rockstar Games’ trademarks for possible clues.

All signs have pointed towards a return to Vice City after last year, at Super Bowl 54, a number of the television crews broadcasting the game used Vice City graphics and references. Now, with Super Bowl 55 on the horizon, GTA fans are hoping for more of the same. 

GTA Online character with a car and house
Rockstar Games
There have been plenty of rumors about GTA 6, but nothing official yet.

With Super Bowl 54, it was a little easier to make the Vice City references, given that the game was played in Miami – the city that the iconic GTA location is based on.

In the case of Super Bowl 55, though, players are hoping that, because The Weeknd is performing at the Half Time show on February 7, there might be more clues – given that there have been rumors he’s been working with Rockstar

“I could see a 15-30 second commercial of a car starting up or a cinematic shot of whatever city the game takes place in followed by the Rockstar and GTA VI Logo being a VERY SLIGHT possibility,” said Redditor ItsTreDay, noting that a game announcement would be enough – nevermind gameplay or anything else. 

The Superbowl is coming back up in a few weeks. While unlikely, I feel a teaser is possible this year from GTA6

Others quickly agreed. “They couldn’t ask for a better announcement opportunity,” said one fan. “Fingers crossed. Wish we get some info from them. Even if it was just a logo,” added another.

However, some aren’t convinced, questioning why Rockstar would need to spend money on advertising at the Super Bowl. In recent years, 30-second ad spots at the Super Bowl have commanded around $5.6 million.

Rockstar knows how much hype there is about GTA 6, and whenever they decide to tease it, or start to roll out a reveal, it’s going to get serious attention anyway. But, we’ll just have to wait and see – they could switch things up for once.