GTA Online bug is completely changing Diamond Heist approaches

by Connor Bennett
Rockstar Games


GTA Online players have been encountering a strange bug that is changing up their Diamond Heist attempts – altering their entry position and how the robbery plays out. 

After years of waiting, GTA Online fans finally got what they’d been asking for on December 12, access to the Casino in Vinewood. Aside from gambling away with their GTA Cash, players also wanted to take things a step further by being able to loot the casino’s vault.

As a result, the Diamond Heist was launched, letting players go on an Ocean’s Eleven style robbery – complete with different vault contents, robbery disguises, and getaway vehicles. Players can choose whether to go in loud, sneakily, or pull of a con – but the latter is being affected by a bug.

GTA Casino heist vault
Rockstar Games
The GTA Diamond Heist can be completed in multiple different ways.


The change in entry point was noted by Reddit user Finnman0907, who showcased a video from their recent Diamond Heist attempt. They rolled up to the Casino as a part of the Bugstars con but managed to set off the guard at the back door.

The gang sort of blew their cover, attacking the security guard and causing their entry to bug out. Though, after a pretty long loading screen, they had been transported elsewhere. Instead of entering the casino through the Staff Lobby, they were dropped where the Gruppe Sachs con would begin – with the armored money truck thrown in for good measure.


After showing off the video, some Redditor’s responded and claimed that the bug had actually helped Finnman0907, as they were able to do the heist through an easier method.

Others noted that the bug has been around for a little while and you will always end up with the Gruppe Sachs robbery. Yet, your cover will be blown once you’ve robbed the contents of the vault.

Whether or not Rockstar will fix it, however, remains to be seen but players won’t complain about an easier heist. It means money at the end of the day.