GTA Online players getting free $500,000 in Rockstar survey

Rockstar Games

Rockstar Games is known to be generous in giving away free prizes to players, and players can earn $500,000 in-game cash for completing a survey.

GTA Online offers plenty of ways to make money. Rockstar recently announced a method in which GTA players can cash in on $2 million in bonuses. Players can always try their luck at the Casino Lucky Wheel to make it big.

In a viral video, a GTA Online player showed a glitch burning down their apartment and all of their cash. Fortunately, the user didn’t actually lose any money from the bug, but it’s always possible to lose large sums of money quickly.

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With that being said, the developers offering $500,000 for completing a simple survey may be a can’t-pass-up opportunity if you are lucky enough.

diamonds in gta onlineRockstar Games
There are plenty of ways to earn cash in GTA Online.

GTA Online players earn $500,000 for free

GTA YouTuber Dash_GTA Tweeted that they received an email offering $500,000 For completing a Survey.

Rockstar stated that the survey is a GTA Online feedback survey and, “upon completion, you will receive a gift of GTA$500,000 to use in GTA Online.

The YouTuber believes that the emails randomly go out to Social Club members, so there doesn’t appear to be a way to sign up for the survey manually.

One player responded, “I’ve noticed more players are starting to receive this email. I’m still waiting for mine.”

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A second user added, “I got one of these back in 2020, they didn’t offer me any money, though.”

If you are lucky enough to receive an email, $500,000 for just 10 minutes of time seems like more than a fair enough trade-off.