Strange GTA Online glitch burns down player’s apartment and all their cash

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A GTA Online player detailed a strange bug that happened to them back in 2019 and players are stumped on what could have caused it.

As with any massive online multiplayer game, GTA Online has had quite a few strange bugs and glitches over the years.

However, developers can usually find the cause of these glitches, resulting in them ultimately being patched out for the foreseeable future.

Now, one player has provided evidence of a strange, unexplained glitch that has left the GTA Online community completely stumped as to what could have caused it.

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GTA Online player stumps community with strange glitch

A post on the GTA Online subreddit went earned over 3,700 upvotes after user liamsjtaylor asked a simple question about a bug: “Any idea how this happened?”

Liam attached a picture to the post that showed his GTA Online character in an apartment building where all the money scattered across the floor was on fire.

While many commenters took the opportunity to make jokes about the admittedly absurd-looking photo, others were genuinely curious about how the circumstances of the image actually happened.

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As most fans know, players aren’t allowed to draw weapons inside apartment buildings, so the idea of Liam admittedly lighting the apartment on fire themselves was out of the question.

The original poster answered a variety of questions in the comment section to rule out some potential theories. Namely, they were playing on an Xbox One at the time — so mods were not available — and the screenshot was taken in December 2019.

Many commenters suggested the glitch was related to the heist preparation for Cayo Perico, as it used office interiors. Unfortunately, the Cayo Perico Heist update was released in December 2020, not 2019.

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However, a few players did present theories that could be plausible. A user named Omaza claimed that “someone shooting heavy sniper fire rounds” from outside the apartment could have caused the fire.

Alternatively, another commenter guessed that maybe someone shooting a missile could have caught the money props on fire after the explosion hit them.

Of course, it could just be an extremely rare cause of a bug that’s simply not reproducible. Regardless, it certainly caused a lot of GTA fans to scratch their heads.

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