GTA Online player trolled by Casino Lucky Wheel with “worst” ever mystery prize

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The Diamond Casino’s Lucky Wheel remains a big attraction for GTA Online players, but one user recently unlocked the “worst” mystery prize.

Rockstar Games added the Lucky Wheel to Grand Theft Auto Online a little over three years ago. Notably, the gambling machine launched alongside the Diamond Casino & Resort update, which introduced a casino to the Vinewood area.

The Lucky Wheel part of the locale offers a wide variety of prizes to participants, including in-game cash, clothing items, and discounts.

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Users occasionally unlock mystery prizes, too, ranging from money and clothes to ammo and casino chips. And, to the chagrin of many, the mystery unlocks sometimes include snack items.

GTA Online Lucky Wheel trolls player with mystery prize

Reddit user grantster5405 probably didn’t expect much when stepping up to spin the Diamond Casino’s Lucky Wheel. However, it’s unlikely they were anticipating such a disappointing unlock upon earning a mystery prize.

Instead of a wad of in-game cash or a vehicle discount, the prize-winning Redditor gained access to a snack. That snack, rather hilariously, included Pisswasser aka beer.

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In sharing a screenshot of their spoils, the GTA Online player described the item unlock as “the worst mystery prize I ever won.”

Other Redditors were quick to note the absurdity of the situation. One person replied, “Lmaooooo bro drove all the way to the Casino for a free beer. I’d be hot.”

Someone else said their worst mystery prize victory came when they unlocked a “pack of cigarettes last week.” Others argued that winning 10 percent bicycle discounts two days in a row constitutes a far more troubling set of circumstances.

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While some users may get lucky at the Diamond Casino, it appears many more walk away with next to nothing to show for their efforts. It makes sense, though. After all, gambling is all about luck.

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