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GTA 6 trends after fake announcement “leaks” reach absurd new levels

Published: 13/May/2022 20:01

by Michael Gwilliam


Fans anticipating Rockstar Games to finally share the first official look at GTA 6 were left disappointed, once again, after a viral “leak” ended up being just a creative fake.

For years now, GTA fans have been eager for the next installment in the GTA series, having had just about enough of San Andreas and longing for a change of scenery.

Although Rockstar did reveal that work on the next game was “well underway,” fans have yet to receive any official gameplay, images, or even a logo.

On May 13, fans thought they had a reason to get excited, as a leaked image suggested that a GTA 6 announcement was imminent – but just like so many others, it ended up being fake (albeit it was quite the prank).


Fake GTA 6 “leaks” are getting wild

Amusingly, the reason some fans suspected a reveal could be coming was due to a “leaked” image claiming to be from a Rockstar Games social media management service.

The leaked photo, taken with a cell phone, showed a supposed Rockstar Sprinklr account with a “GTA VI” attachment scheduled for 3PM BST. However, the time came and went with no announcement.

Instead, Rockstar revealed a special Max Payne 3 soundtrack would be coming out later this year, dashing the hopes of fans whose misplaced hype had caused GTA 6 to trend on Twitter.

“Here is the awaited GTA 6 announcement, so hyped!” one user mocked following the Max Payne 3 reveal.


“Until I see an official trailer for #GTA6 BY ROCKSTAR. I will not believe anything I hear or read,” another fed up gamer posted. “It’s been 9 years of news of it being released.”

That didn’t stop the copium from flowing, however, as some even read into the Max Payne 3 soundtrack as somehow being a GTA 6 tease.

One fan even suggested that by linking to a Vice news story, the video game company was referencing Vice City – the Florida-based location where many think will next game will take place.

In the end, the day was no different than any other for GTA fans, but considering the lengths users are going to fake leaks, it’s clear that the anticipation for GTA 6 has reached insane new highs.