GTA 6 leak drops another major hint at return to Vice City

Brad Norton
Rockstar Games

The latest Grand Theft Auto leak claims that Rockstar’s long-awaited sixth mainline release is currently locking down new Synthwave music for a Vice City-esque “Radio Station.”

It’s been seven years since GTA V was first released on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Rockstar’s last entry in the franchise has since become the third best-selling video game of all time. It’s no surprise that avid fans of the series have been eagerly anticipating the next-gen follow up.

While information has been scarce, plenty of leaks and rumors over the years have kept the community on edge. On August 3, GTA Online players spotted six new teasers with ‘2021’ plastered across the map. With an official reveal potentially not far off, yet another leak has hinted at how far along development might be.

A release date isn’t set in stone just yet. In fact, rough release windows have even been shut down by Rockstar in the past. However, a since-deleted tweet on August 5 claims that GTA VI might actually be closer than we think.

GTA Vice City gameplay
Rockstar Games
The latest GTA VI leak claims fans will soon be heading back to Vice City.

‘Vector Hold’ is described as an “80’s Electro Synth project,” on Twitter. Led by musician Peter Bryan Rice, this account claims a wide array of Synthwave artists have been approached by Rockstar.

“Music rights clearing people have been hitting up Synthwave artists for a Radio Station,” a deleted August 5 tweet said. Rockstar has allegedly been looking to secure an array of 80’s music, potentially hinting at the setting of GTA VI.

Plenty of GTA games have featured dedicated electronic music stations. Others have included throwback channels for classic hits as well. So the reported selection would come of no surprise when flicking through stations in GTA VI. 

While plenty of speculation has focused on the location of the next game, nothing has been made official just yet. That didn’t stop the Vector Hold account from throwing in its two cents, however.  “GTA VI will most likely take place in Vice City,” they added.

Twitter leak Grand Theft Auto 6
Twitter: VectorHold
The deleted post from VectorHold claims that Rockstar is locking down tracks for GTA VI.

Since the post has been deleted, it’s wise to take this information with a grain of salt. Rockstar could be reaching out for a completely unrelated project after all.

The developers have been tight-lipped for many years now, though GTA V is set to carry its momentum through to the next generation of consoles. The community can only hope that the sequel is close behind.