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Game-breaking GTA Online exploit gives players 10K RP every minute

Published: 12/Aug/2020 14:27

by David Purcell


Rockstar Games appear to have a big problem on their hands in GTA Online, as players have discovered a game-breaking glitch that allows them to rack up thousands of RP every few seconds. 

The game developers only rolled out their Summer Special update on August 11, which included over a dozen new vehicles and fresh missions to play through.


Content added might be exciting for players, but it’s a big cheat that many are talking about, not so much the cars they can now drive around in.

Flying up the ranks in GTA Online is a goal for much of the community and can take quite a lot of time to do. Well, that’s if you’re not using the latest glitch to launch yourself right up the levels in-game.

GTA Online Open Wheel Races tips
Rockstar Games
Open Wheel racing often gets triple rewards in content updates, but a new glitch offers much more than that.

One player on Reddit, HejMoreGadzo, has revealed an exploit that will significantly boost your RP. They noticed that the world records in Open Wheel racing are not being updated regularly, if at all.

“I was doing the new open wheel races solo, and all of the world records were easy to beat 1:20. So, I did the first lap 1:19, the other bit faster. Then I started the same race again and my record wasn’t there,” they posted. “The game is updating the person who did the record, the one you see when you start the race. For example, Doodooracer23 – WR – 1.24.567. And if you do 1:17, the game updates your time to his name.

“And obviously the game cant assign this time to his name since he hasn’t done it. So, after you finish the game it resets.”


Massive RP "glitch" from gtaglitches

Every time it resets it gives another player an opportunity to break the world record, gain max RP for doing so, and then reset to allow them to repeat the process as many times as they want.

Essentially, if you’re good at racing in GTA Online, you could be sitting on a gold mine where RP is concerned. The user later confirmed in an edit that they had been raking in 10k RP every minute they race, which is clearly way higher than normal.

It’s unclear as to whether or not Rockstar are investigating the issue, at the time of writing. There may be consequences for those using the exploit to their advantage as well, so think carefully before trying to pull it off.


GTA Online update patch notes: Brawler Casino prize, GTA 5 cash, more

Published: 1/Oct/2020 11:07

by David Purcell


Rockstar Games have rolled out another GTA Online update and if you’re wondering what’s included in the patch notes, you have come to the right place. 

Changes are expected every week in the popular game mode and its developers always deliver, though some are more exciting than others.


While the official details for the October 1 patch have not yet been posted to the GTA Newswire page, one reliable leaker has spilled the beans ahead of schedule. Courtesy of TezFunz2, we have most of the new patch notes already.

So, let’s run through everything included in the game’s latest update – which celebrates its seventh anniversary.


GTA Online October 1 update: Patch notes

Casino rewards vehicle

Brawler in GTA Online
Rockstar Games
The Brawler is available to get for free, for a limited time.

The Brawler has been added to the GTA Casino rewards podium, meaning winners of the Lucky Wheel will receive a car worth over $700,000 in-game.

Races, cash rewards, and free gifts

Double GTA 5 cash and RP is available for three different modes this week, which includes: Diamond Adversary modes, Business Battles, Special Vehicle Work.

There’s also a free reward in the form of a Business Battle Reward Tee, coupled with a Claim What’s Yours Tee which can be unlocked just by logging in. There’s also a Red The Diamond Classic Tee login reward with it.

  • Premium Race: Art to Art
  • Time Trial: Great Ocean Highway
  • RC Time Trial: Power Station


Infernus Classic in GTA
Rockstar Games
The Pegassi Infernus Classic is one of the fastest – and classiest – set of wheels in GTA Online.

Just like we’ve come to expect, GTA Online has slashed many of its prices for the duration of this update. These can be seen below, ranging from 25% Off to up to 50% Off.

  • 25% Off: Vehicle Warehouses, Club
  • 30% Off: Executive Office Renovations, Stromberg
  • 35% Off: MOC Renovations
  • 40% Off: Blazer Aqua, Ramp Buggy, Phantom Wedge, Executive Offices, Bunkers, MOCs, Rocket Voltic, Infernus, Titan
  • 50% Off: Torero, Swinger, Savestra, 190z, Stirling GT, Rapid GT, Classic Mamba, Infernus Classic, Z-Type, Viseris

Not only that, though, there’s also a number of GTA Online Prime Gaming rewards available, for members. The latest offerings can be found here.