Another Rockstar patent means GTA 6 could have multiple, evolving cities

GTA Online character with a car and houseRockstar Games

Another Take-Two patent leak has seemingly revealed further details about GTA 6, with the cities involved in the game being able to evolve over time similarly to Red Dead Redemption 2. 

The lack of concrete information about GTA 6 has prompted Grand Theft Auto fans to look elsewhere – be it through wild leaks, potential in-game teasers in GTA V, and even digging into the resumes of actors and musicians.

In some cases, they’ve seemingly struck gold – finding character names and people working with Rockstar on a secret project in recent months. 

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More recently, the search has turned to patents that have been filed by Take-Two, the publishers of Rockstar’s iconic games. One patent turned up details about GTA 6’s Online mode having dedicated servers, and now, new information has cropped up about single player. 

GTA characters walking on the beachRockstar Games
Fans have been hoping for GTA 6 news but Rockstar have stayed quiet.

In another patent filing, which was filed in 2017 and is still pending, fans noticed that there are references to evolving cities based on how the player interacts with the world. 

The patent refers to a neighborhood potentially being described as having “rusty, cheap, and worn down” objects used to build it, but that can change. 

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“In game play where the player is attempting to improve the city they live in, as the player performs well in the game, the game engine can the objects tagged as described above with objects tagged “new, high-end, hipster, renovated” etc to indicate the neighborhood is improving,” it reads. 

Some players have taken this to mean that there will be multiple, liveable cities in GTA 6 and that it might work like Fallout 4 where you have a settlement and you can build around there.

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That would be quite the change for GTA, seeing as we haven’t really been able to improve the city over time ourselves. Though, it’s not a brand-new thing for Rockstar.

In Red Dead Redemption 2, locations were constantly evolving – buildings were being painted different colors, railway lines were being built, and trees were being cut to build homes. Though, we’ll just have to wait and see what actually comes from this patent. It could well for something that isn’t even GTA.

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