Annoying GTA Online bug completely breaks Import/Export jobs again

Connor Bennett
GTA Cargobob picking up a car

[jwplayer I6dekNS8]Grand Theft Auto Online players have run into an unusual bug that is throwing a spanner into the works with the Heist Crew Import/Export mission. 

GTA Online fans have plenty of ways to earn cash and build up their criminal empire around Los Santos but sometimes, problems arise that present a pretty annoying hurdle to overcome.

This is usually in the form of griefers – be they actual hackers or just annoying players who won’t leave you alone because they want to rack up kills – and other issues like glitches.

The most buggy mission of all in GTA Online might just be the Heist Crew on Import/Export. The car sourcing job was actually removed by Rockstar because vehicles were spawning underwater. Yet, a new problem has been rearing its head.

Import and Export missions require you to steal a number of different cars.

Reddit user lfa1127 pointed out that their last attempt at the Cargobob mission was interrupted because the car they were targeting had managed to spawn upside down. Yes, that’s right, it spawned upside down.

This means that, despite its hook, the Cargobob helicopter cant actually pick the car up because it is upside-down – thus rendering the job pretty broken and ultimately unable to be completed.

lfa1127 was left confused by the spawn as it was something they hadn’t seen before, despite the fact the job has been pretty buggy itself in the past.

Other players pointed out that a simple fix for the job is to just leave and hope the next time you search for an Import/Export mission, you end up with something else and not the Heist Crew. 

Given that Rockstar have dealt with the job’s issues in the past, they’ll probably need to look at it again to make sure that this problem doesn’t affect any other players. Though, we’ll just have to wait and see if they roll out some sort of update.

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