All secret changes from GTA Online’s summer update

GTA Online character sprinting with weaponsRockstar Games

Grand Theft Auto Online’s Los Santos Summer Special update is live on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC, but there are a few secrets changes that might take you a little while to notice. 

After weeks of waiting, Rockstar Games finally rolled out their annual summer update back on August 11. GTA Online fans were finally given a whole host of new jobs, races, vehicles, and the high-rollers even have a use for their Galaxy Super Yachts. 

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While the majority of these changes were included in the official patch notes on the Rockstar Newswire, and some are shown on the game’s loading screens, there are a few you might have missed. 

They aren’t really major changes, more so just small quality of life tweaks, but they are useful to know anyway. 

Casino daily wheel countdown alert

The first small change that is easy to notice following the summer update is the small notification you receive when its time to use the spin wheel at the casino.

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That’s right, you don’t have to go up to the wheel to see if it’s your time to spin. As soon as you approach and enter the casino, a small box will pop up above the mini-map if you are eligible for a spin at that time. 

If you’re not able to spin the wheel, you’ll just have to wait until the time comes and then head back to the casino. You will get an on-screen countdown now, though. 

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Rockstar Games
You will now get an alert regarding your daily spin.

No more constant calls from LJT

Certain mission givers will now no longer call you constantly in regards to their jobs or your business. Sadly, this isn’t the end for Bryony and Arena War, but rather LJT.

The business helper will now just text you in regards to your illegal businesses. This means that, yes, you will have to keep an eye on the screen but your phone won’t be ringing off the hook when he’s asking you to upgrade the business equipment. 

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Updated Arcade games and rewards

If you’re one of the lucky Los Santos residents to own an Arcade, there are a few changes that you can take advantage of. 

In terms of new games, QUB3D makes its return. The popular GTA IV game is back and available to purchase. You can also buy the Axe of Fury cabinet. If you complete the needed challenges, you’ll also unlock new trophies for your arcade’s trophy cabinet. 

New cars liveries

In terms of customizing cars, the new Penumbra FF has an anime livery. Yes, that’s right, a new anime livery. It is the only new car with that option though. 

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The two new Formula 1 cars can also be customized prior to Open Wheel Races to look like some real-life F1 cars. You can recreate the newer orange McLaren’s as well as the 2008 silver cars, and use a similar livery to the modern Mercedes. 

As players dive further into the Summer Special update, more and more secrets tweaks are likely to be found.

If you find some of your own, be sure to let us know on Twitter @GTA_Intel.

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