4 big things from GTA 6 'leaks' we're hoping are real

by David Purcell


Rockstar Games aren't giving much away in terms of their next Grand Theft Auto project, but there are some things that have appeared in apparent GTA 6 leaks we're hoping come to fruition. 

The game developers are still yet to give fans any indication about whether or not Grand Theft Auto 6 is in the works or not, with members of the community either sniffing around for teasers and hints, or digging through information that some people have claimed to be part of a leak.

Some of those claims have been extraordinary, too, whether it be spitballing locations being leaked by Rockstar's very own co-founder Sam Houser in 2013, or suggestions that 2020 is the year. Putting realistic chances of things happening, as nobody really knows what's in store, we're going to lay out everything we're hoping is accurate based on things people have said about the game so far.


Return to Vice City

Jelly, YouTube
A return to Vice City is surely on the cards in GTA 6.

Let's get the biggest one right out of the way early, as many GTA players are ready to return to Vice City.

GTA: Vice City was released back in 2002 and much of the community fell in love. It was a simple yet brilliant title, but in the 18 years that have passed since we were first introduced to the place, there hasn't been any room for a return.

With that being said, Reddit user CurryLav previously posted potential map details to the GTA 6 subreddit, claiming to have acquired information from Rockstar India on the project. The post has since been deleted by admins.

The post pieced together a number of different pieces of information, largely about a new weather system, but did claim Vice City would be the main location in the next game. There's no way of saying if the leak is true or not, although the idea of having such an iconic location accessible again in better graphics is something not many fans would turn their noses up at – that's for sure.


Map size

Rockstar Games
Players might have been shocked at the size of the Grand Theft Auto 5 map, but can Rockstar go one better with GTA 6?

Obviously we've already mentioned a Vice City leak, but it's worth noting that there's been much more than that said about the map. In fact, it was claimed that a new map called "Project Americas" would make the GTA 5 island look like a "schoolyard playground" and actually link different places in a unique way.

Specifically, the post states that the two main locations would be Carcer City (East Coast US, based on Boston) and Vice City (Miami) – which would certainly give the game a different dynamic.

With GTA 6 not confirmed yet and unlikely to be released on the current generation of consoles, the added power of the Xbox One Series X and PlayStation 5 may give Rockstar a chance to pull off something as ambitious as this. Players have got in the swing of 'the bigger, the better' when it comes to GTA and if they deliver something like this, it might actually be able to live up to its sky-high hype.


Time skips and new continent

Graphics: Rockstar Games
Will GTA 6 take us to South America?

Members of the GTA online community have been wondering if the franchise, developed by a British company, would ever return to the United Kingdom for one of its next games. However, there's one setting – based on the complete other end of the world – that keeps coming up in leaks and teasers: South America.

In the game series' history, never before have we been able to venture into different parts of the continent before and it would be interesting to see that happen. With that being said, we have already mentioned both Vice City and Carcer City as things we would like to see, and we can't have it all.

Players have even found what they believe to be official teasers, too, spotted in a Casino trailer for GTA Online and later in a gift from Rockstar top influencers at Christmas. Other potential leaks have claimed Bogota, Colombia, will also be a location in GTA 6.

Rockstar Games
Rockstar Games
A cryptic South America teaser was spotted in the GTA Casino heist advertising.


Rumored time skips would be something that could bring it all together, though, if we were given a character in the game's story that has a history of living or working in South America.

Potential locations include Mexico City, or even Vegas – although that's jumping back into the States – in the 1970s, and some small towns as well, according to previous leaks.

While not all of them might be in the playable map, it would be possible to have locations in South America, different parts of the United States and maybe further away too, in either DLC content or a string of missions built into the GTA 6 campaign. That could include contextual time skips for character backstories as well.

Release date

An image of a character from Grand Theft Auto V running away from an explosion.
Rockstar Games
GTA 5 was released back in 2013. Could we see the next game come this year?

Last, but not least, is the release date leaks. Rockstar Games haven't really given an inch in terms of revealing information about GTA 6, although one 4Chan leak claiming that the game will arrive in 2020.

The leak, discovered by YouTuber MrBossFTW, actually states that the game developers are looking to launch their next game at the end of March – March 25 to be exact – which seems highly unlikely as there's been zero in terms of trailers, hype, buildup. Unless they mean 2021, of course. With that said, do they really need to do all of those things?

Even a completely unrecognizable concept like Apex Legends was released like a bolt out of the blue in February 2019 and has enjoyed huge success, so there's no doubt an established brand like GTA could probably pull it off as well.

The chances are low not just because it's a tight window, but the fact that Rockstar haven't really done this type of thing before. Getting our hands on GTA 6 so soon, though, is exactly what everybody wants. Even if GTA Online is still being updated regularly, thousands of players would make the switch on a day's notice.

So, there you have it! Those are the top four pieces of leaked information that we're hoping come to fruition. Hopefully, if they're not all true, we get at least one – and many would be happy if it was the release date rumors.