GTA Online players bring Mario, Luigi & Yoshi to Los Santos with cosplay

. 2 years ago
Mario Luigi and Yoshi in gta online
Nintendo / Rockstar

Grand Theft Auto is known for its heists, gore, and fast cars but you just can’t rule anything out with its creative community. Now, players have been pictured with perfect in-game GTA Online cosplays for popular Nintendo characters Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi. 

Rockstar Games are responsible for the franchise’s longest wait for a new game in history, which has left players frustrated, but also looking for new ways to pass the time.

On December 15, that will change with the new Cayo Perico heist mission, and when GTA 5 is given a huge update for its transition to next-gen systems. In the meantime, though, clearly people dropping into the game don’t have a lot of new things to explore.

That does leave the door wide open for creatives to make things more exciting, and two platers have certainly done that.

GTA Online cayo perico heist.
Rockstar Games
It’s not long now until GTA Online’s next heist is available to play.

GTA Online cosplay trend starting up?

On December 7, a member of the GTA Online subreddit – user nderestimatedPower – showed off a snap of their latest creations.

While crossovers with Nintendo characters might well be on the back of players’ wish lists this year, two players have created their version of a Super Mario crossover using cosplay.

As seen in the screenshot below, using simple colored hats, a fresh paint job on a scooter, and some one-piece suits they managed to replicate Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi – well, sort of.

The post has attracted thousands of upvotes since being put on the social media platform, not to mention the hundreds of comments replying to the idea.

One said: “Brilliant photo! I’ve got an idea for your next one find the dinosaur in GTA, and use him for King Koopa.” Another said: “Haha need to do this but with Waluigi and Wario!”

A number of people in the thread claimed they have been doing similar things in-game, with Waluigi proving to be a popular pick for GTA cosplays.

Creating these characters might not be the easiest thing in the world, in terms of accurately getting the details right. However, all it takes is a venture to your nearest clothing store to experiment. Who knows, with the right kit, you too could be a gaming icon next time you steal from the bank.

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