Genshin Impact players warned over “terrible” Yelan banner

Yelan Elemental BurstHoYoverse

The Genshin Impact Yelan banner will see the new 5-star Hydro character added to Teyvat, but Mtashed believes Travelers shouldn’t spend their Primogems on it.  

Yelan will make her debut in the Genshin Impact 2.7 update, giving Travelers the chance to spend their Primogems on her banner. This highly anticipated Hydro Bow character is known for her cunning personality and mysterious persona. 

As a member of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, Yelan appears at the center of events, often stopping dangerous schemes dead in their tracks. The Valley Orchid utilizes her Hydro-infused arrows and AoE abilities to obliterate grouped foes.

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Despite her clear strengths, Genshin Impact YouTuber, Mtashed, believes Travelers should hold fire before pulling on Yelan’s banner. 

Should you pull on the Yelan banner?

Yelan banner with 4-star charactersHoYoverse
The Genshin Impact Yelan banner has finally been announced.

“If I was a new player right now, I would hold onto my Primogems in case they do a rerun of Kazuha in 2.8,” explained Mtashed. “I know that you might be gung-ho to play and you want to get some new characters, but I think this is a very low-value banner for a new player.”

This is largely down to both Noelle and Barbara being freely available to every Traveler that plays Genshin Impact. In fact, these two 4-star characters are guaranteed unlocks, which makes their appearance on Yelan’s banner rather obsolete. 

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To make matters worse, Mtashed notes how both characters are very low tier in terms of their supportive functionality: “You don’t see Noelle being used in a lot of the biggest team comps, she’s a niche pick for a reason.” 

“Barbara is a free unit, that you can use a three-star weapon with and she’ll do her job. Even with Constellations, she doesn’t get insane amounts of value.”

This only leaves Yanfei as the only semi-viable option on Yelan’s banner, which is partly down to her being Pyro, which enables Travelers to increase their damage with Vaporize. 

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“I know Yelan will be good, but will she be as good as Xingqiu? I don’t know about that. I think this banner is bait. I think for the average player, I don’t recommend this banner and I would skip.” 

Of course, if you like the look of Yelan’s playstyle, then rolling her banner will be a no-brainer, but for those looking to beef their team out with powerful meta characters, it might be best to simply wait for the 2.8 banners

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