Genshin Impact players disappointed by Kokomi’s “underwhelming” abilities

Sangonomiya KokomimiHoYo

Sangonomiya Kokomi has finally made her big debut in the Genshin Impact 2.1 update, but fans aren’t happy with her lack of synergy. 

Kokomi is the latest 5-star character to join Genshin Impact’s ever-growing roster, but just like Baal, players aren’t happy with Kokomi’s abilities. While the Hydro healer can save her allies from succumbing to a quick death, there are a number of problems that have been raised by the game’s playerbase. 

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One of the main concerns comes down to how Kokomi synergizes with current team comps, particularly given that there are other supports who outclass her.

While Kokomi’s place within the wider Genshin Impact meta won’t matter for those who like her design, the current issues surrounding the Pearl of Wisdom have put a lot of players off of using her. 

Genshin Impact fans disappointed by Kokomi abilities

Kokomi abilitiesmiHoYo
Genshin Impact players believe Kokomi’s design is at odds with itself.

Support characters are invariably a great option for those looking to tackle tough enemies, but a number of Genshin Impact players believe that the game’s current content lacks the need for such a healer reliant role. “I think it’s fine to be a 5-star niche but at least be a niche that people would actually want or need,” said nullmarked. “A healer niche with current content is just pointless.”

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While Kokomi’s role as a healer isn’t a problem, many players have been disappointed to find that her abilities share a similar theme to Noelle’s – a free 4-star Geo character. “Looking at Kokomi’s kit, it’s pretty easy to see what her intended playstyle is,” says Felyndiira.

“She pops her ult, becomes an immortal healer that heals all her damage, and deals some okay damage in return. This isn’t really a ‘meta’ concept but is not really a bad concept in theory. Except, we already have an immortal healer that pops her ult, heals, never takes damage, and deals good damage in return. Her name is Noelle.”

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Kokomi abilities in Genshin ImpactmiHoYo
Kokomi has left many Genshin Impact players feeling disappointed.

However, unlike Noelle, Kokomi’s entire kit is tailored around healing. There’s also the fact that her ability to apply hydro to all enemies is closely matched by Mona – another Hydro 5-star that has been in the game since launch. To make matters worse, Kokomi’s Elemental Skill (Kurage’s Oath) lacks synergy with her signature weapon. 

Everlasting Moonglow grants energy recharge whenever Kokomi attacks, which is at odds with her healing-orientated kit. After all, Kokomi’s abilities enable players to apply her Elemental Skill, before switching out into their main DPS characters. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for her Burst, which forces players to attack with Kokomi in order to heal nearby allies. 

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Of course, this wouldn’t be a problem if her damage wasn’t on the low side. “If her kit was designed for hydro support, with maybe a more team support ult and a supportive weapon, her kit will be more cohesive,” said Felyndiira. “As-is, though, she’s worse than Noelle in the role MiHoyo designed her in, and her actual best roles are ones that invalidate parts of her kit/ signature weapon because she’s not designed for those roles.

Instead, what players are left with is a support/damage dealer hybrid that feels a little at odds with itself. Whether MiHoYo will make any adjustments to Kokomi’s abilities remains to be seen, but for now, it appears fans aren’t happy with her current playstyle. 

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