Genshin Impact fans outraged by “disappointing” One Year Anniversary Community Event Rewards


Genshin Impact is celebrating its one-year anniversary, but players are not happy with the meager event rewards. 

Genshin Impact has claimed worldwie success and miHoYo are set to celebrate the game’s first anniversary with a bunch of in-game goodies. However, players aren’t exactly happy with the meager rewards given in the upcoming One Year Anniversary Community Event. Just like most free-to-play titles, Genshin Impact features numerous events and updates that players can sink their teeth into. 

From banner reruns to new regions, Genshin Impact is certainly no stranger when it comes to providing players with new content. Unfortunately, unlike its other title, Honkai Impact 3rd, Genshin Impact has often been criticized for its lack of rewards. This is particularly aggravating for players who are looking to save up Primogems for the next 5-star character. 

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Genshin Impact fans outraged over Anniversary Event Rewards

Genshin Impact Anniversary rewardsmiHoYo
Genshin Impact players are not happy with the anniversary rewards.

MiHoYo has announced that it will be celebrating Genshin Impact’s first anniversary by giving players a chance to win Primogems and other in-game rewards. However, unlike traditional login rewards and overworld quests, the developers have set up a raffle system where Travelers can create their own anniversary cards. 

Once the event ends, MiHoYo will randomly select 10% of the participants to receive the Blessing of the 1 Welkin Moon. Meanwhile, the remaining participants who are not selected will be rewarded with 100,000 Mora.

“People don’t understand that these rewards come in exchange for free advertising,” said chrislovesmemes123. “You as an artist, would you put your time and effort for a CHANCE to get 100 primos? Is their advertisement team on vacation or something? Cosplaying takes money, drawing and editing takes time and talent.”

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Meanwhile, those that take part in the “Recording Your Anniversary Memories” event will have a chance to win 100 Primogems. Unfortunately, only 1,000 winners will be selected for this reward. It’s this extremely limited winner pool and lack of rewards that has angered many in the Genshin Impact community. 

Genshin Impact has consistently broken sales records around the world – in fact, the game famously generated $1billion in mobile revenue alone during its first six months. Since then, the free-to-play title has continued to reach staggering new heights. It’s this financial success, paired with MiHoYo’s lack of in-game rewards that has continually divided the playerbase.  

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“They want us to work for our anniversary rewards. And the kicker is, we only have a 10% chance to get it at the end of the day,” said Think-Sir-8623. “Just….why? Why did they think this was a good idea?”

This sadly doesn’t come as a surprise to many Genshin Impact fans, particularly those that have experienced previous events. After all, the Lantern Rite Festival famously left fans disappointed by the lack of rewards and overall content on offer. 

Whether MiHoYo will adjust or announce further rewards during the One Year Anniversary Community Event remains to be seen, but for now, it looks like players are unhappy with the current rewards system. 

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