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TheRockinR Charity founded to raise brain tumor awareness

Published: 27/Nov/2018 21:35 Updated: 27/Nov/2018 22:23

by Alan Bernal


The gaming community continues to help its members who are battling illness with the creation of a special charity in memory of one incredibly passionate gamer.

A UK-based charity, TheRockinR, was created to honor the memory of a strong-willed and passionate gamer, Reece ‘TheRockinR’ Miree.


Its goal is to bring joy and comfort to other gamers-at-heart who have an ailment that prevents them from indulging in their love for games.

TheRockinR CharityTheRockinR is a team of passionate, hardworking individuals that want bring joy into the lives of children.

TheRockinR is another organization started within the gaming community that seeks to help those in need. This one is unique, however, in that it strives “to support children through the healing process as they undergo treatment in pediatric hospitals or hospices.”


Miree was diagnosed with Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG), an inoperable and incurable brain tumor, at the age of 10. He passed away at the age of 11.

Although tragically taken, his story is one of hope by finding joy in what you love.

TheRockinR CharityThe organization looks to ship hoards of mobile units to gamers with illness.

TheRockinR is a registered charity created by Miree’s family and headed by his father, Jonny Miree, that aims to support anyone else afflicted by DIPG. The charity provides mobile gaming units to patients and, in conjunction with the charity Abbie’s Army, aims to raise awareness and funding into DIPG “research, (to) help overturn this ‘terminal’ prognosis.”


To help the cause, TheRockinR takes one-time or monthly donations, as well as shares and retweets. In donating, people or businesses can help sponsor a gaming unit that “offer huge benefits to patients, healthcare professionals, play specialists and parents, often offering a welcome distraction to the child’s illness or treatment.”

To learn more about TheRockinR, visit the official website at


StreamElements supports underrepresented streamers with Creator Diversity Fund

Published: 2/Sep/2020 17:38 Updated: 3/Sep/2020 9:32

by Calum Patterson


StreamElements has announced the 20 recipients of its $100,000 Creator Diversity fund, providing creators of underrepresented groups on Twitch with professional livestreaming services.

These streamers are up-and-coming broadcasters who are fighting for their place in the uber-competitive landscape of livestreaming, and who face even harsher competition because of their protected characteristics.


The Creator Diversity Fund will provide them “a wide range of support from StreamElements which includes graphics, production, and mentorship.”

StreamElements Logo
StreamElements provides tools and services to livestreamers.

Additionally, SteelSeries is onboard to provide all recipients with Arctis 1 Wireless Gaming Headsets.


StreamElements said they were inspired to start the fund, due to an acknowledgment that these creators, in underrepresented groups, face extra challenges in the livestreaming space.

StreamElements Creator Diversity Fund Recipients

The creators were selected due to the type of content they were producing, their dedication to livestreaming, and their own insights provided when they applied.

The fund hopes to be “a way to help elevate their presence and voice in an ecosystem where discovery and access to information is an issue.”


Marc, who goes by Teknikalx on Twitch, told us “I applied for the fund because I thought it would be beneficial for my channel to receive additional support to give the channel a more professional look vs what I have now. Also to bring to light that programs like this exist and if a channel such as mine can receive support in this manner, other channels can too.”

Teknikalx boasts over 5,000 followers on Twitch, but says that having the support of StreamElements ‘Dream Team’ will “give a boost to my channel in the extra visibility to my content. I truly believe that the access to doors that would otherwise be closed will open, with their support to show that my content is worth not only checking out but supporting.”

Fellow streamer StreetGrind, who streams everything from Fall Guys to Horizon Zero Dawn, said the support from the Creator Diversity fund will take his “content and brand to the next level in overall aesthetics as well as consistency.”

Twitch streamer StreetGrind
StreetGrind, one of the recipients of the Creator Diversity Fund, aims to take his content and brand to the “next level.”

“I’m hoping to use this support to increase my discoverability on who I am and what my brand is about. Improving every day one step at a time and helping others along the way,” he explained. “We stand stronger together instead of individually.”

Another recipient, GoofyWise, similarly hopes the support will push his stream further and provide a better viewing experience. “Opportunities like these are rare especially those targeted to people who look like me.”



“I plan to use this opportunity to take my channel to the next level by giving my stream an increased level of professionalism that will attract viewers from all around,” he told Dexerto. “Not to mention the added confidence boost from having a higher quality look and feel. Look good, feel good!”

The support will include guidance on growing their brand, securing sponsorships, merchandising, and all other facets of growing and maintaining an audience.

StreamElements is one of the leading third-party services used by countless streamers to manage their donations, overlays, alerts and more while they are broadcasting.

“Livestreaming is not an easy profession and it can be even more daunting for members of underrepresented groups,” said Doron Nir, CEO, StreamElements. “With the Creator Diversity Fund, our goal is to provide those invaluable industry insights on top of improving all aspects of their channels.”

Each of the 20 recipients will have an “account manager”, with 24/7 assistance, and provided a selection of “in-game overlays, alerts, emotes, transitions, sub badges, headers, tipping pages, info panels, and logos,” customized for their channel.