Microsoft Introduces Xbox All Access Subscription

Virginia Glaze

Microsoft has introduced a new subscription service for Xbox One that offers a multitude of benefits.

Dubbed Microsoft All Access, the service offers two tiers for two different prices for a limited time.

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With the new Microsoft All Access pass, buyers can bundle a new Xbox One, Xbox Game Pass, and use online services with Xbox Live Gold without paying upfront. Instead, users will opt for a lower, monthly cost, depending on what tier of services they choose.

The Microsoft All Access pass offers two tiers of service – one for $21.99 and another for $34.99.

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With the $21.99 subscription, users will get an Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass, along with an Xbox One S 1TB. Subscribers can get the new Xbox One X for $34.99, along with the Live Gold and Game Pass subscriptions.

Both tiers offer a 24-month period for the Live Gold and Game Pass subscriptions, with 0% APR for that same time frame. In addition, both tiers utilize Dell Preferred Account, a financing service that helps buyers manage their subscriptions.

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However, not everyone might be qualified for the deal: Microsoft stated that only “qualified customers” can take advantage of All Access, which means a credit check could make or break a potential buyer’s ability to take part in the service.

According to Microsoft, this service is only available in their stores, and will only last for a limited time. Those looking into the service had better move fast – the deal spans from August 27th – December 31st, and only while supplies last.