OpTic Gaming win Gears Pro Circuit San Diego Open 2018

Ghost Gaming took on OpTic Gaming in the grand final of Gears San Diego, as both North American teams fought for the title of the world’s best Gears of War team.

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It was a rematch of the winners finals, which Ghost lost 2-0, sending them down to losers. They took on top European team Spacestation in the losers finals, who had just come off a win over Echo Fox.

Ghost almost slipped up against Spacestation, but eventually closed out a tight series 2-1 to make it back to another grand final – a chance at redemption vs OpTic.

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History was against Ghost though, as they have still never beaten OpTic Gaming on LAN in Gears of War – so there first ever would need to be in a grand final.

Despite not losing a series all event, OpTic had looked vulnerable early in the tournament, losing maps against OpTic Mexico and Simplicity, while Ghost hadn’t dropped a single map – until they faced OG.

Ghost took a slight advantage on the first map, but OpTic quickly took control and started to take round after round, eventually smashing Ghost 7-2 on map one.

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And it was a similar story on the second map. OpTic started well and Ghost immediately looked deflated and completely out of fresh ideas.

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During a listen in with OpTic, they could be heard saying “save it for the next event’ – referring to saving strategies for another event – while in a Grand final. It is testament to just how far ahead of the competition they are.

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It makes it two championships in a row for OpTic, after winning New Orleans in July. There previous record of six championships in a row was spoiled after Ghost won Gears Vegas, earlier in 2018.

The recruitment of Praized and SoluRs paid off at New Orleans and yet again was proved the right decision. It means OpTic goes out as the undisputed best team in the world in season 2 of the Gears Pro Circuit.

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