Why isn’t Joe Rogan in UFC 4? Surprise reason for his absence explained

Connor Bennett

[jwplayer DNPxsU2O]Popular podcast host and UFC commentator Joe Rogan isn’t in the new UFC 4 game, which may catch some fans by surprise. Well, he explained the reason a few years ago.

Ever since the early 2000s, Joe Rogan has been the voice of the UFC alongside a number of different co-hosts. The popular commentator is widely known for his excited screams as one fighter is on the verge of a knockout or submission. 

However, as some fans have been getting to grips with the beta version of the UFC 4 video game from EA SPORTS, they’ve noticed that Rogan’s voice is missing from the action – with Jon Anik and Daniel ‘DC’ Cormier leading the broadcast.

The answer behind Rogan’s disappearance from the game stems all the way back to UFC 2 and a 2016 episode of the Joe Rogan Experience. 

Screenshot from UFC 4
UFC 4 was revealed by EA back on July 11.

When discussing the game with comedian Hannibal Burress, Rogan explained that he and then UFC commentator Mike Goldberg “did a f**kload of hours” in recording lines for EA SPORTS. “It was hours and hours and hours,” he added.

Rogan’s voice was then a part of the UFC 3 game in 2018, but EA had come up with a clever workaround. They piped in commentary from actual UFC broadcasts instead of having the podcast host come in and record for hours upon hours. 

Speaking prior to the previous game launch, Brian Hayes, the creative director on EA’s UFC series said: “Joe Rogan absolutely hates doing voiceover for the game. We’ve basically come to an agreement that we’re not going to ask [Rogan] to do it anymore because he hates it.”


Despite Rogan’s absence, UFC 4 is still shaping up to be an interesting installment to the current series of games. Back on July 11, EA revealed that heavyweight boxing champions Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua would be playable characters.

On top of that, there is also a backyard Octagon location for fans to fight in once the game launches on August 14.

H/T: Sportbible