Warzone 2 players hate new “pay-to-win” Sinister operator skin

Warzone 2 sinister operator skin

Warzone 2 players hitting out at another “pay-to-win” DMZ skin bundle, which comes equipped with a free Self-Revive Kit.

Like many other gaming communities, Warzone players have long been fearful that someday the popular battle royale may become pay-to-win through microtransactions.

Thankfully, Activision has adhered to making their microtransactions purely cosmetic — without having an impact on actual gameplay. However, the launch of Season 3 on April 12 introduced several “pay-to-win” bundles.

While they’re exclusively available in DMZ, recent skin bundles have offered more than players have bargained for, giving added benefits such as a Self-Revive Kit or even a UAV — many of which have since seen nerfs after backlash from the community.

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Warzone 2 players hit out at “pay-to-win” DMZ bundle

On April 29, players once more hit out at the latest operator skin, with some claiming it’s “pay-to-win” due to the fact it comes equipped with a free Self-Revive Kit.

“Can we not do pay to win,” one player wrote, alongside sharing an image of the new ‘Sinister’ operator.

“This will be the new norm now,” a player replied in the thread. “Honestly, it’s shocking it took them this long, given how greedy they are.”

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On the other hand, some believe it isn’t as big of a deal as many players are making it out. “I’m going to go against the grain here and say this isn’t as big a deal as people are making it out to be. Finding a self revive is not really that difficult in DMZ. Is it P2W? Barely,” they said.

While other bundles have seen nerfs, it’s currently whether or not we’ll see changes to the new Sinister skin.

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