V Rising: Secrets of Gloomrot – New features, release date, trailer, more

Vats filled with green substance in V Rising GloomrootStunlock Studios

V Rising has just seen the release of its cinematic trailer for the upcoming free expansion, Secrets of Gloomrot. Here is everything we know about the update, its release date, and more.

When V Rising hit Steam in early access last year, it quickly became one of the most played games on the platform. It reached the number one spot as the top-selling Steam game, beating out Elden Ring.

It is no wonder then that players have been waiting to hear more about any additional content announced for V Rising since its initial release. Stunlock Studios eventually revealed that a massive free expansion known as Secrets of Gloomrot was in the works, with no specific release date.

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A new cinematic trailer has just dropped for Secrets of Gloomrot, and with it has come the expansion’s gameplay features, release date, setting, and more. Here is everything we know about the upcoming content so far.

When is Secrets of Gloomrot releasing?

The Secrets of Gloomrot expansion will release on May 17 according to the cinematic trailer. This date will also mark exactly one year since the base game’s own release in 2022.

What new features will Secrets of Gloomrot bring?

One of the first updates revealed was the building overhaul, allowing players to have multi-level castles. Stairs will be placeable anywhere and not just on ramps outside.

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Stairs within a castle in V RisingStunlock Studios

Players will have access to Gloomrot, an entirely new biome that will match the size of Dunley Farmlands. Gloomrot is dvided into two parts, the North and South. Both areas will have unique challenges, enemies, and technology.

Gloomrot’s new biome will bring new enemies, factions, and V Blood bosses to face. The current map will also face changes as Stunlock Studios stated a complete overhaul in terms of its visual appearance. Every old area will receive a graphical update.

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Gloomroot map from V RisingStunlock Studios

Secrets of Gloomrot will also include the release of new weapons and weapon skills, such as the heavily requested Greatsword. Players will also encounter legendary weapons. New enemy varieties will be present, in both the new Gloomrot area as well as the old parts of the map.

Players will be able to engage with a new spell school and spell system, as well as a new jewel system that allows for spell customization.

A possible new enemy from V Rising sitting at a deskStunlock Studios

Territories, a reworked take on the current land-claiming system are coming, and there will be trading posts throughout the world where players can buy items with silver coins.

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Aside from these known features, there will also be quality of life updates as detailed on Stunlock Studios’ blog that make current gameplay smoother.

What platform will Secrets of Gloomrot be on?

Since V Rising was released exclusively on PC, the Secrets of Gloomrot expansion will be joining it on Steam. This will not be a paid expansion, so players will simply receive it as a free update when it releases in May.

V Rising: Secrets of Gloomrot trailer

The first trailer for Secrets of Gloomrot has arrived, and it has taken the form of a cinematic trailer focusing heavily on the story additions.

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Cruel science, twisted technology, and fearsome bosses seem to take center stage in Secrets of Gloomrot. Players are excited for the new challenges this update will introduce.

We will update this space as more information about Secrets of Gloomrot is released.

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