New Apple Arcade games (October 2022): NBA 2K23, The Gardens Between & more

Jessica Filby
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Apple Arcade includes dozens of titles. Much like Xbox Game Pass or PlayStation Plus, you get access to exclusive games without ads or paywalls. Here’s everything being added in October 2022.

Apple’s subscription service for its iPhone App Store provides a way for casual and hardcore gamers to enjoy exclusive titles and well-loved classics from anywhere, all from the comfort of their own phone, iPad, or Apple TV. Apple Arcade contains over 200 games with Apple constantly adding new titles to its service.

October 2022 has already seen some popular additions with more exclusive Apple Arcade games coming later in the month. We’ve detailed just what Apple Arcade is as well as what games you can look forward to in October.

Apple arcade upcoming games
Apple Arcade has a plethora of new titles coming soon.

What is Apple Arcade?

Apple Arcade is a service provided by Apple for the iPhone App Store. It essentially gives you original and exclusive title’s without any ads or paywalls. It also has some timeless classics with the same perks.

Apple Arcade works in the same way as Xbox Game Pass or PlayStation Plus. You pay a monthly or yearly subscription and get access to over 200 games for free and without any ads.

While there may be currently over 200 games, new titles are being added to the service regularly, with bigger names coming to Apple Arcade soon.

All confirmed games coming to Apple Arcade

Some extremely popular titles, along with some anticipated exclusives are coming to Apple Arcade in October. Here are all the currently confirmed games for October and when they will launch on Apple Arcade:

  • Spider Solitaire: October 7
  • Gin Rummy Classic+: October 7
  • The Gardens Between+: October 14
  • NBA 2K23 Arcade Edition: October 18
  • stitch: October 28

When more titles are announced we will be adding them to this article so be sure to check back regularly.