Two Point Campus: Space Academy review – An out-of-this-world delight

Jessica Filby
Two Point Campus Space Academy

Two Point Studios takes Two Point Campus to new heights through the Space Academy DLC, introducing unique levels, courses, and features that both challenge and delight.

Developed by Two Point Studios, Two Point Campus crafts a university management experience where professionalism and control are far from present and chaos reigns supreme. It’s a hilarious adventure that manages to expertly blend challenge with comedy. Now, with their first DLC rocketing into the game, Space Academy proves this title is only getting better and aiming for the stars.

Space Academy feels like it whisks the base game into an entirely new world, providing additional courses, levels, students and so much more. It’s a thoroughly enjoyable experience finely crafted into a fantastic addition to an already wonderful game.

Two Point Campus: Space Academy – Key details

  • Developer: Two Point Studios
  • Price: $9.99 USD / £8.99 GBP / $14.95 AUD
  • Release date: December 6, 2022 / December 12, 2022 (Nintendo Switch)
  • Platforms: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch

Two Point Campus: Space Academy Trailer

Aliens, Asteroids, and Ambition

Mining and Asteroid in Space Academy
Asteroids can be a source of useful coins or dangerous infestations.

Two Point Campus: Space Academy places you at the center of humanity’s space travel desires, where you’re responsible for training future Neil Armstrongs, or Buzz Lightyears. This certainly comes with its challenges but allows for all kinds of sci-fi madcap shenanigans.

Complete with Alien students, new locations, and hilarious courses, Space Academy brings everything a DLC should and so much more.

It feels far from a simple reskin, implementing three new levels and introducing new focuses, objectives, and features. One notable element is the alteration of simply buying plots of land. Instead of saving up enough money, players can complete objectives to expand their university, bringing a fantastic level of extra management and challenge to the game. Need extra space? It’s more challenging than ever to earn it.

Moreover, the addition of asteroids as a way to make money or create a dangerous environment allows you to focus more on your surroundings and grants a few helpful coins when money gets a little short and you need to build just one more Control Room.

Through the addition of Aliens, Astroids, levels, and courses, Space Academy is nothing if not ambitious, and it all comes together thanks to what has become staple humor from Two Point Studios.

Cheese farming University

Two Point Campus Space Academy event
You can party with aliens in this Space-themed DLC.

One of the most important aspects of a DLC is that it produces a new challenge for the game in question, rather than simple changes. Two Point Campus: Space Academy wonderfully delivers, implementing three new levels with each feeling a world away from the one before.

You head to a failing Space Academy with pre-built rooms and a destiny for success, although not without a considerable amount of challenge. Next, you enter an empty university complete with a focus on entertainment, and deadly Space Rocks. Lastly, you find yourself on a rather cheesy astroid where your sole purpose, aside from creating a successful university, is to teach students how to drain a location of its resources and take everything from the existing wildlife.

Each level feels like a continuation of the space theme but provides an enjoyable and contemporary experience every time. They grant players just the right level of difficulty, often taking a few in-game years to get close to one star. This challenge is increased through limitations on fees and a primary focus on training and research, nodding back to both Campus and Two Point Hospital’s recognizable style.

Ultimately, each new level brings a fantastic sense of joy, challenge, and longitude, something every DLC should prioritize.

6 delicious courses to sink your teeth into

Aliens in Two Point Campus
Harvest natural resources on an asteroid in Two Point Campus: Space Academy.

The Space Academy DLC introduces six new courses to put your students through, all combining into a fantastic recipe for success. They’re fun to build, watch, and improve, while still implementing that challenge many are looking for in a game like Two Point Campus.

Many of the new courses introduce events, therefore presenting an addition layer of management, enjoyment, and often, competition. They’re vital for the success of the university and are a perfect addition to an already triumphant DLC.

On top of the new events added to the courses, each lesson feels like it combines what players already know with something entirely unique, actively aiming to upgrade previous experiences through Space-Knight School while still providing entirely new subjects like the questionable but hilarious Cheese-Moongery and Humanities, which is far from the Geography and History we expected it to be.

Rather than simply reskinning previous courses or adding a space theme to simplistic subjects, the Space Academy DLC has managed to perfect the ability to embellish the content players know and love as well as create new experiences to give the game some additional flair and extra content that feels alive.

The Verdict – 5/5

Two Point Campus: Space Academy introduces a new degree of fun to its base game. The three added levels are the perfect combination of challenging, enjoyable, and unique, while additional courses add new spins on core mechanics.

Ultimately, if you’re a fan of Two Point Campus, this DLC can’t be missed and will bring you back to the hours spent building a working university – only this time on an asteroid made out of cheese.

Reviewed on PC