Two Point Campus: Space Academy – Release date, New locations, courses & more

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Two Point Campus is releasing its first out-of-this-world expansion in the form of Space Academy filled with new locations, students, courses and so much more. Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming Space Academy expansion.

Two Point Campus is a calm but hilarious experience where you run a series of Universities, all with a focus on a certain subject, from Knights to Wizards. This expansion brings a brand new experience as well as features unseen in either Two Point Campus or its predecessor, Two Point Hospital.

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The Space Academy expansion will introduce the art of space travel and encourage you to create the best University for the job while enjoying the unique students, events, and courses you can introduce. Here’s everything we know about the upcoming Two Point Campus: Space Academy expansion.


Two Point Campus: Space Academy release date

The Space Academy expansion will be released onto Two Point Campus on December 6, 2022, for PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. It will arrive on the Nintendo Switch on December 12.

However, before the release date, you can pre-order the Space Academy expansion to start playing the new locations as soon as it releases.

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Two Point Campus: Space Academy trailer

Along with the release date, Two Point Campus also provided a trailer for the Space Academy expansion, detailing all the new locations and classrooms, along with the game’s hilariously chaotic style. You can watch it below.

Two Point Campus: Space Academy added features

The Space Academy expansion introduces a multitude of new features from courses, locations, classrooms, and more.

Universe City, Cape Shrapnull, Cheesy Heap

The Space Academy expansion will add three new locations to host your Space university, Universe City, Cape Shrapnull, and Cheesy Heap.

Each will provide a variety of new elements including handy but dangerous asteroids, and the game’s first out-of-country campus set on a rather cheesy asteroid where you mine for resources and pillage its natural resources.

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New courses, students, classrooms, and events

Along with three new locations, the Space Academy expansion will be introducing new courses, classrooms, students, and events to fit the new space theme.

These include alien students, anti-gravity classrooms, six brand-new courses, out-of-this-world events, and plenty more to sink your Space-loving teeth into.

That’s all you need to know about the upcoming Two Point Campus Space Academy expansion. While waiting for it to release, take a look at some of the other upcoming titles:

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