Twitch finally arrives on Nintendo Switch eShop

nintendo switch twitchTwitch / Nintendo

Twitch has officially been added to the Nintendo Switch eShop, four years after the console’s launch. 

One of the things that many consider have been missing from the Nintendo Switch compared to its Sony/Xbox equivalent is an abundance of streaming services. For example, the Xbox offers YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, and TwitchTV with the added ability to stream straight to Twitch from the console.

While the Switch has had YouTube and Hulu available on the console for several years now, it has gone without any way to watch Twitch on the handheld.

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On November 11, that all changed. The popular handheld can now be used to watch streams on Twitch as the app has been officially released onto the eShop.

viewing animal crossing streams on twitch on switchNintendo/Twitch
You can now watch streams on the Nintendo Switch thanks to its new TwitchTV app.

The new app can be found on the consoles eShop by just searching “Twitch” – as you would expect.

Unlike the available apps on Xbox and PlayStation, it appears to just serve as a place to watch other streams as it does not include a way to stream from the console itself.

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How to download Twitch on Nintendo Switch

  1. On your console, click on the eShop logo on the bottom of the home screen
  2. In the top-left corner of the eShop, you will see a Search/Browse option – click on it
  3. Type in “Twitch” and scroll until you see the listing
  4. Click on the app listing and once it opens, “free download”
  5. Follow the prompts and the app will show up on your home screen
  6. Once it downloads you can open it up, sign in and enjoy!

TwitchTV on the Switch is available to be watched in TV, tabletop, and handheld modes, giving you the ability to watch streams anywhere you decide to go.