States with the most rage quitters revealed in recent study

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Online casino company Datslots conducted a study to determine what states broke the most controllers over rage-quitting incidents from annoying situations in video games.

Players rage quit video games for various reasons. Frustrating instances include being continuously head-shot or dying to a certain boss over and over again. Serious anger can lead to gamers throwing and breaking their controllers.

Datslots analyzed the data from Google searches for new Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo controllers from each of the 50 states. Then, Datslots ranked the states by Google searches for new controllers per 100,000 people. Here’s what state they discovered topped the list.

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Which state has the angriest players?

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As first reported by GameRant, Datslots found out that Texas likely had the most rage quitters. On average, Texans searched for video game controllers 181,000 times per month. Over 30 million people live in Texas, which averages around 603 controller searches for every 100,000 residents.

Coming in a distant second, Nevada represented a monthly average of 18,640 searches based on its population of 3.1 million people. This accounted for around 587 rage-quitters a month per 100,000 residents. The other states that made the cut include Illinois, Georgia, California, Utah, Colorado, Ohio, Arizona, and Michigan.

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The awards for the least angry players went to Hawaii and Alaska. However, Datslots data doesn’t necessarily equate to the number of rage-quitters who broke controllers. Part of the statistic could just mean gamers wanted to buy another controller.

Alongside smashed video game controllers, it would have been interesting to find out which video game resulted in the most outbursts.

Not just everyday gamers vent by rage-quitting the most anger-inducing titles. Internet personality Dr. Disrespect gave up on Elden Ring and blasted the game’s controls. Additionally, Twitch streamer Sodapoppin ended his stream after losing a League of Legends match.

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