Dr Disrespect rage quits Elden Ring: “It feels like I’m playing NBA 2K”

. 4 months ago
From Software/Dr Disrespect

Dr Disrespect wasn’t impressed with Elden Ring’s controls when he picked it up on launch day, comparing the game to NBA 2K after tossing his controller and quitting.

From Software’s Elden Ring released on February 25 as the biggest game of 2022 so far.

The Two-Time proudly bragged on Twitter before going live that he’d never played a Souls game before, because he hadn’t “needed” to. 

If he had though, he might have had a bit of a better time, and not tossed his controller after trying the game.

“It feels like I’m playing NBA 2K”

His lack of familiarity with the unique controls and feel of previous From Software games might be one of his biggest sticking points with the new title.

During an encounter with a particularly tough giant at one point, Doc took aim at the controls calling them “sluggish.”

“I can’t stand it, I don’t like the controls of this game,” he raged. “I think the controls are sluggish, I don’t care about the 9s and 10s across the boards, I don’t like the lock-on mechanic.”

After more struggles, Doc went on to compare Elden Ring’s controls to NBA 2K games, because of the input delay and lock-on mechanics.

“5.7 out of 10 champs, I think the controls of the game are really – yikes, I feel like I’m playing NBA 2K 19,” Doc said, giving his own score for the title.

Dr Disrespect wasn’t the only streamer to have a rough time with Elden Ring, but unlike others, we most likely won’t see him pick it up again as he ended the stream saying it just wasn’t what he was into.

Not only that, he tossed the controller he was using to play across the room before loading up Tarkov. One thing’s for sure though, even if he didn’t have a good time, his excursion to Elden Ring was definitely entertaining.

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