Nyxi Wizard Gamecube-themed controller is built to kill Joycon drift

Nyxi Gamecube WizardNyxi

Nyxi is launching a brand new Gamecube-themed controller, but it comes with a unique twist with Hall Effect sticks to fight off Joycon drift.

In the last couple of years, controller maker Nyxi has made a bit of a splash. Their controllers, mostly designed around the Nintendo Switch, provide a more traditional controller for the handheld. They also, handily, slide right into the place where the Joycons usually go.

The newest controller in their growing lineup is based on the Gamecube, Nintendo’s cult darling. While the console didn’t do much for Nintendo during its lifespan, the controller certainly did. Even today, we see people clamoring for it and Nyxi isn’t about to let that go.

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It’s called the Nyxi Wizard and while not strictly a straight-up Gamecube controller, Nyxi has taken the design to heart. It features that giant A button, as well as the smaller B button. Y and X sit around the outside in their respective bean shapes.

Nyxi has also designed the Wizard Wireless Joypad to slot onto either side of the Nintendo Switch. This should help provide better ergonomics for those who aren’t comfortable with the traditional Joycons for large periods of time.

The only major changes to the layout are a much larger C-Stick, as well as two buttons on the back that can be remapped. This is similar to what 8BitDo has done with the Ultimate Controller.

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Each stick can be removed and replaced, as well as featuring Hall Effect, a technology that is now being implemented by these bespoke controllers to assist with defeating the dreaded joystick drift.

What are Hall Effect sticks?

Both sticks use the Hall Effect method of preventing Joycon drift. Using voltage and magnets means the sticks aren’t only more accurate but will prevent them from touching the edges or electrical connections. Where Nintendo and other first-party controllers have been failing in their design, Nyxi is determined to stamp out any chance of drift cursing their controllers.

Nyxi Wizard specs

  • Material: ABS Weight: 248g
  • Dimensions: 162X105X68.5mm
  • Rechargeable Battery: 500 mAh/ 8.5 Hours Playtime
  • Receiving Distance: 10M
  • Charging Time: 2.5Hours
  • Connectivity: Wireless(Bluetooth) & Wired (USB-C)
  • Compatibility: Switch/Switch OLED

The Nyxi Wizard will cost you $69 and is currently only available via their store.

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While it says it is only compatible with the Switch, if you want to use it on a PC, you should be fine to do so. Windows and Steam have gotten pretty good at detecting Nintendo controllers in the last couple of years.