Sodapoppin rage quits League stream after crazy backdoor play: "F**k this" - Dexerto
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Sodapoppin rage quits League stream after crazy backdoor play: “F**k this”

Published: 28/Jan/2022 20:23

by Lawrence Scotti


Twitch star Chance ‘Sodapoppin’ Morris abruptly ended his stream after he lost a League of Legends match in heartbreaking fashion.

Sodapoppin has been spending a lot of time streaming League of Legends on his Twitch channel, of late.

Over the course of January 2022, League counted for his most streamed game at over 50 hours of playtime.

In one of his more recent broadcasts, Soda ended his livestream after a painful ending to a match on Summoner’s Rift.

Sodapoppin on Twitch protest
Twitch: Sodapoppin
Sodapoppin has over 3 million followers on Twitch.

Sodapoppin quits League stream

The streamer was live on January 26 when he was broadcasting a LoL match that went horribly wrong.

Near the end of a nearly 40-minute game, in which his team was behind the entire time, his side managed to wipe almost the entire enemy team after they slayed Baron Nashor.


One of the only surviving members of the opposing team, Pantheon, was pushing towards the base with Baron minion as his squad claimed a team fight victory on the other side of the map. It was too late to save the match, however, as they couldn’t stop Pantheon from blowing up the base by himself.

Soda was not happy with the loss, “I’m gonna play off-stream, F**k this.”

After letting out his frustration from losing, he ended his stream. After a small break, Soda eventually came back online to stream more League.

LoL can be one of the most frustrating games to play, and for streamers, it’s hard to keep a happy face while the game brings down the mood.


Although he’s had some rough times playing League, he also had some incredibly fun moments, like when he taught fellow streamer nmplol the ropes.