Stray mod lets you play the viral cat game as a dog instead

Philip Trahan
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Dog lovers rejoice as a new mod lets fans play Stray, the viral cat sensation, as a french bulldog instead of the orange tabby.

Annapurna Interactive’s newest title Stray has taken the internet by storm following its release on July 19, 2022.

Thousands of fans have posted pictures and videos of their pets — both cats and dogs — reacting to their owners controlling the cat on their TV screens.

Now, dog owners can see their canine companions react to seeing a dog moving around on screen thanks to a new mod that lets players control a french bulldog instead of an orange tabby cat.

Stray mod lets you play as a dog instead

stray cat looking at something
Crubino’s mod allows players to replace Stray’s orange tabby with a french bulldog.

The mod, called the ‘Happy Puppy’ mod, was created by Chris ‘crubino’ and is available for download on

The mod allows players to control a black and white piebald french bulldog puppy, as to have it basically the same size as Stray’s cat.

According to Chris, the mod is still early in development as there are “still so many things” they want to do with it, including adding bark sounds instead of the meow.

Additionally, it seems Chris is also keen on making more skins for the dog instead of the standard black and white variety.

stray french bulldog mod
Though the french bulldog mod is still early in development, it looks quite impressive in action.

Of course, the mod won’t work flawlessly, as some of Stray’s cat-centric animations like cleaning itself and scratching furniture will undoubtedly look a bit odd with a dog acting them out.

Still it’s a pretty nice addition for players who prefer dogs over cats, or even players who own a black and white french bulldog of their own.

Unfortunately, Nexus mods only work for PC players, so those who downloaded Stray on PS4 and PS5 are stuck playing stray as the default orange tabby cat.

Those PC players interested in exploring Stray’s sprawling, futuristic city with a new spin should check out the mod for themselves.