Best pet reactions to Stray: Cats and dogs obsess over new cat adventure

Brianna Reeves
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Following the Stray game’s launch on PC and PlayStation platforms, players began sharing adorable pet reactions across social media.

Developer BlueTwelve Studio and publisher Annapurna Interactive unleashed Stray on the world earlier this week, inviting players to navigate their way through a neon-drenched cat adventure.

The title takes place in a cyberpunk dystopia after the main character, an orange cat, becomes separated from loved ones.

Suffice it to say, cat lovers around the globe can’t get enough of the acclaimed Stray experience. And it seems that pets – cats and dogs alike – have taken to the adventure, as well.

Stray game inspires adorable pet reactions across the internet

stray game pet reactions online
Even dogs have become Stray fans.

Cats and dogs have begun obsessing over the cute orange feline that stars in Stray, evidenced by photos and videos captured by their owners.

The sharing of such content became so prevalent in such a short amount of time that someone took it upon themselves to create a Cats Watching Stray Twitter account.

In videos posted by some pet owners, cats merely watch Stray being played with great curiosity. Others, however, try mimicking the on-screen cat’s movements or petting it through the screen.

Just a few of the best pet reactions to BlueTwelve’s Stray game feature below:

As one Twitter user noted, dogs appear transfixed by Stray’s in-game happenings, too.

Stray has already proven an incredible success for BlueTwelve and Annapurna Interactive – and not just because of positive pet reception.

As reported by industry analyst Benji-Sales, the cat sim smashed Annapurna’s concurrent player record on Steam.

And though the game’s included as a PS Plus offer on the Extra tier, it’ll be interesting to see how well it fares on PSN’s digital sales charts for the month of July.