SteelSeries Prime lineup offers high-quality mice and headsets

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SteelSeries Prime Mouse and Headset

SteelSeries’ latest Prime range is dedicated to esports, allowing players to take their game to the next level with new mice and headset options.

If you’re of a competitive nature and love to win, then peripheral manufacturer SteelSeries has just what you need to get in the winning habit. Their newest range, Prime, is designed to offer everything a gamer needs – while stripping away everything you don’t.

Why take their word for it? SteelSeries peripherals have been used by esports pros to win more prize money than any other brand, and those same pros have helped co-develop the Prime range.

Ahead of the festive period, here are some of the finest options available from SteelSeries that’ll make a perfect gift for yourself or your squad.



The mouse is at the core of any competitive gaming setup, whether you’re clicking units, spending gold, or popping heads. With that in mind, the SteelSeries Prime Mouse lineup introduces a new technology dubbed the “Prestige” switch.

In layman’s terms, it uses magnets to allow for more consistent clicks per minute. In practical terms, that means you’ll be able to settle into a more predictable click pattern, while also seeing improved response times.

It’s not just the clicks, though. You’ll find movement is much more accurate in-game thanks to TrueMove Pro sensors that make these mice twice as accurate as those from the leading competitor.

SteelSeries Prime mouse

SteelSeries Prime mouse
The Prime mouse is a perfect tool for gaming

SteelSeries’ most-affordable Prime mouse offers the Prestige Switch and TrueMove Pro sensor in a form factor that weighs just 69g.

With a matte finish to help with grip and a shape that’s been tested with esports pros, it also uses Tilt Tracking to help eliminate unwanted tracking during quick flicks – ideal for Valorant and CS:GO players.

You can buy it now for £59.99 | EU €69.99 | $59.99

SteelSeries Prime+ mouse

SteelSeries Prime mouse
SteelSeries Prime mice are competitive out of the box

Taking everything in the Prime mouse up a notch, the Prime+ version offers additional RGB controls alongside an improved TrueMove Pro+ sensor.

There’s even a customizable lift-off sensor, so you can tweak when your lift-offs are registered as you move to make that all-important headshot. In fact, SteelSeries has the world’s lowest and most accurate lift-off sensor.

You can buy it now for £79.99 | EU €89.99 | $79.99

SteelSeries Prime Wireless

SteelSeries Prime wireless mouse
No wires? No worries.

If you prefer to play wirelessly, then SteelSeries has you covered. The Prime Wireless mouse offers the same Prestige Switches, on-board settings, and lightweight form-factor (80g), while also cutting the cord.

Switching to the TrueMove Air means no loss in accuracy, while also offering 100-hour battery life. Once the battery is drained, 15 minutes of charging offers 15 hours of gaming time. If you’re worried about any wireless lag, don’t be – SteelSeries’ Quantum Wireless 2.0 connection removes lag.

You can buy it now for £129.99 | EU €139.99 | $129.99

SteelSeries Prime Mini

Steelseries Prime Mini mouse
The SteelSeries Prime Mini is perfect for smaller hands

If you’ve got smaller hands, or are looking for something a little more portable, then the SteelSeries Prime Mini packs all of the features of the Prime mouse product line into a form-factor that’s 12% lighter than its bigger brother.

This means you get the consistent crispy clicks that the Prime series is known for, as well as its lightning-fast sensors with improved comfort.

You can buy it now for £59.99 | EU €69.99 | $59.99

SteelSeries Prime Mini Wireless

Steelseries Prime Mini wireless mouse
The Prime Mini offers lag-free connectivity.

As you can imagine, the Prime Mini also comes in a wireless variant. That means that while its wired sibling has a strong, super-mesh USB-C cable, the wireless version offers SteelSeries’ Quantum Wireless 2.0 tech for lag-free performance with no cable – along with 100-hour battery life.

You can buy it now for £129.99 | EU €139.99 | $129.99


Audio is a crucial part of playing competitively. Aside from the immersion you’d expect as a consumer, SteelSeries’ latest entry in its iconic Arctis line of headsets represents the manufacturer’s finest effort yet.

Arctis Prime

Arctis Prime headset
The Arctis Prime offers impressive audio quality and volume.

Arctis Prime offers high-fidelity audio drivers which help identify directional audio, so you can hear an opponent creeping up on you in Warzone, or the telltale audio cues of a character hiding from you in Dead By Daylight.

The retractable bidirectional microphone uses the same tech as aircraft carrier deck crews, while the included cable means it can be used on all platforms with a 3.5mm jack. Finally, it maintains the long-running Arctis design, meaning comfortable gaming for hours.

You can buy it now for £99.99 | EU €119.99 | $99.99

Arctis 7X and 7P

Arctis 7X headset from SteelSeries
The 7X is perfect for Xbox gamers

Aside from the Prime range, SteelSeries also offers a pair of headsets aimed at PS5 and Xbox Series S|X gamers.

The Arctis 7X and Arctis 7P, for Xbox and PlayStation respectively, bring industry-leading 24-hour battery life to next-gen, while also offering 2.4GHz wireless connectivity, a noise-canceling mic, and Arctis speaker drivers.

Perhaps the killer feature is the included USB-C dongle, which lets the 7X and 7P connect to anything with a USB-C connection.

You can buy both now for £174.99 | EU €199.99 | $149.99

Arctis 9X

SteelSeries Arctis 9x
The Arctis 9 series has finally come to Xbox

While PlayStation and PC gamers have been able to use the Arctis 9 and Arctis 9P, Xbox fans can finally enjoy the headset that’s received more than 50 critical awards from media and content creators.

The Arctis 9X offers a 20-hour battery, built-in EQ, and the strongest, most reliable wireless connection on an Xbox headset – and it’ll work on Xbox One and Xbox Series S|X.

You can buy it now for £189.99 | EU €219.99 | $199.99

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