Star Wars Jedi: Survivor’s pricey Collector’s Edition is missing lightsaber parts

jedi survivor collector's editionEA, Lucasfilm Games

Limited Run Games has revealed a pricey Collector’s Edition for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, but the accompanying Lightsaber is missing one key component.

After months of leaks and rumors, EA and developer Respawn finally unveiled a gameplay trailer for Jedi Survivor during the 2022 Game Awards.

Better still, the new trailer confirmed the eagerly-anticipated sequel will release in March 2023 for PC and consoles. But details about the Collector’s Edition flew under the radar until after the show.

Now that the specifics have come under a microscope, fans seem less than pleased with what the special edition has to offer.

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The Jedi Survivor Collector’s Edition costs a $300

Limited Run Games has opened pre-orders (PC, PS5, Series X) for the upcoming Star Wars title’s Collector’s Edition. The $300 package comes with the following physical and digital goodies: Full-Size Functional Cal Kestis Replica Lightsaber Hilt (Blade sold separately), Certificate of Authenticity, Premium Magnetic Box for the Hilt, SteelBook, Physical Copy of Jedi Survivor Deluxe Edition, and the Obi-Wan Kenobi Cosmetic Pack.

The latter includes the “Hermit” Cosmetic, “Hermit” Lightsaber Set, and the “Combustion” Blaster Set. Understandably, many fans can’t get over the fact that the Lightsaber Blade will be sold separately at an indeterminate time.

jedi survivor collector's editionLimited Run Games
Jedi Survivor’s Collector’s Edition

A Reddit thread discussing the above announcement plays host to many skeptical fans. One person said the lack of an art book and soundtrack is a deal-breaker, then later return to mock the blade-related details. “Also, they say the hilt is ‘functional,’ but you don’t get the blade. Lol, fk off.”

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The thread’s original poster added their two cents as well, calling the limited edition “way overpriced.” Another Star Wars fan joked, “I think I’ll be 3D printing the lightsaber to save myself a small fortune.”

It’s worth noting Limited Run will only create 5,000 versions of the Jedi Survivor Collector’s Edition. Whether or not the pre-orders will sell out anytime soon is anyone’s guess.