Star Wars Eclipse reportedly delayed for over 5 years

Alan Bernal
star wars eclipse

Star Wars Eclipse is reportedly set for a delay that could keep it from launching for more than five years, as Quantic Dream look to add more developers among its ranks.

An Xfire report indicates that the highly anticipated Star Wars title is now being targeted for a 2027-2028 release date when all’s said and done.

To close 2021, Quantic Dream showed off an incredible reveal trailer for Eclipse. The shock announcement for its Star Wars instantly captured audiences by showing off impressive visuals in a wholly unique setting.

Its cinematic trailer debuted at The Game Awards and was met with incredible fan reception on YouTube. Eclipse quickly became a highlight among the many reveals at the show, but now it’s set for a major hurdle.

Star Wars Eclipse delayed

Star Wars Eclipse was believed to release a few years after its 2021 reveal but now its launch window is presumed to be well within the latter half of the decade.

According to the report, Quantic Dream have been experiencing difficulties filling over 60-plus positions in its Paris headquarters.

The worker shortage has strained development on Eclipse, resulting in years added to its initial release window.

This is the latest setback for Quantic after 2018 reports revealed accusations of studio garnering a toxic workplace environment of inappropriate behavior and sexist/homophobic jokes.

star wars eclipse
Star Wars Eclipse is an action-adventure title from Quantic Dream and Lucasfilm Games.

Star Wars is one of the most coveted properties in gaming, with instant hype and recognition accompanying recent titles like Respawn Entertainment’s Jedi: Fallen Order and Motive Studio’s Squadrons.

Ellipse was supposed to be the next action-adventure game set in the beloved Star Wars universe, more specifically in the new High Republic era.

But that’s as much as we’ll know until Quantic Dream and Lucasfilm Games announce any more progress on their project.

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