Square Enix hits Patreon with DMCA request as new Tomb Raider script leaks

Eleni Thomas
Junker Queen female representation Lara Croft

Playstation podcast Sacred Symbols has been sent a DMCA by Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix, via Patreon, as a result of their latest episode which shared dialogue from a leaked script of the new Tomb Raider game.

In episode 213 of the show, the Sacred Symbols crew shared leaks relating to the upcoming Tomb Raider game currently in the works. The leaks included the team acting out parts of a script that they claim are being sent to voice actors who are auditioning for the role of Lara Croft

As a consequence of this episode, Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix sent Patreon a DMCA request and is demanding the podcast remove said content. In an explainer video, Colin Moriarty was joined by podcast co-host Dustin Furman as well as legal analyst Richard Hoeg.

Together, the three spoke about the recent DMCA from Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics through Patreon. Delving deep into how it came about and what action the team has been taking in response.

Moriarty began by explaining that the DMCA came through to Paetron on July 29, the same day that the initial podcast was uploaded.

He revealed that Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics “DMCA’d Patreon to have them ask us to take down the offending audio of us talking about the new Tomb Raider game which we’ve leaked as Project Jawbreaker.” 

How Patreon being sent a DMCA impacts other platforms

However, Moriarty went on to add that “the Tomb Raider reference will be removed from the Patreon version but will remain unchanged elsewhere.” This decision was made after he consulted with lawyers and other legal analysts and workers.

The trio discussed the grey area of the situation, Moriarty adding: “I’m not even really sure I have a problem with Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix being mad at us either.” However, he did challenge the situation by highlighting how it does “fall into some realm of fair use.” 

“I didn’t steal it. I didn’t ask for it. And I didn’t buy it.”

Legal analyst Hoeg then commented on the murky nature of the situation and pulled back the curtain on what the thought process can look like when a company or a person is sent a DMCA.

“The first question isn’t am I in the right, it’s how likely are they to do something bad,” he explained. “What is it gonna cost me to fight it? Do I actually care about this thing? What does it cost my relationship with Patreon?”

He then suggested that platforms like Patreon and YouTube could “do more” in regards to pushing back when devs and publishers complain about leaks and discussions about games and content.

The initial video explaining the leaks for the new Tomb Raider game is still available to watch via YouTube.

Despite being frustrated at the situation, Moriarty did add that they “don’t want to fight it” and are happy to comply with Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix DMCA request over the Tomb Raider leaks.

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