Karl Jobst and SomeOrdinaryGamers respond to The Completionist’s legal threat

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Karl Jobst SomeOrdinaryGamers respond to the CompletionistKarl Jobst | SomeOrdinaryGamers

The Completionist responded to allegations made by fellow content creators Karl Jobst and SomeOrdinaryGamers by admitting to fault in some areas but also claiming they made several allegations against him without proper evidence. Jobst and Mutahar have since responded.

For a large portion of the time, since allegations against The Completionist were made by both Karl Jobst and SomeOrdinaryGamers, it’s been a one-sided affair. It’s worth mentioning that Jobst and Mutahar (aka SomeOrdinaryGamers) interviewed Jirard (aka The Completionist) ahead of time, but he’d yet to address the matter publicly. Until recently.

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The Completionist’s response video addressed several of the things both creators accused him of, inserting clips of their criticisms against him and putting his own argument against them. Ultimately, he claimed their allegations were untrue and threatened legal action against both creators.

Since then, both creators have responded and promised their own videos, pointing out what they claim are discrepancies between The Completionist’s video and their allegations.

SomeOrdinaryGamers and Karl Jobst plan response videos

Though neither creator has released a video to follow up on this situation, but both have taken to social media to confirm that they plan to stand their ground on the issue despite The Completionist threatening legal action.

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At present, Mutahar plans to release his video later today. For now, though, he’s already claiming that he’s found discrepancies between The Completionist’s response and what he views as the way things actually happened.

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Fans are holding out hope that Mutahar’s response is something damning, with many concerned that he and Jobst may be beyond their depth.

“I really, really hope you know what you’re doing and not flying too close to the sun,” one fan responded on Twitter. “This is some dangerous ground you’re treading on if you’re wrong,” claimed another user.

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Jobst provided a bit more detail about his feelings on the situation than Mutahar, and he also claimed that his video would be out next weekend (December 16-17).

Jobst claimed that The Completionist “has been caught and admitted to committing years of charity fraud.” He also claimed that The Completionist lied in his response video, though Jobst also admitted he may have made mistakes when covering the fraud he claims Jirard committed.

With Jobst welcoming legal action, there’s a very real chance that this case will go to court. It remains to be seen if these creators can settle this amongst themselves or if legal counsel will get involved in their dispute.

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