South of Midnight: Trailer, platforms & everything we know so far

Theo Burman

South of Midnight is a new third-person action-adventure game from Compulsion Games, the creators of We Happy Few.

South of Midnight was announced at the 2023 Xbox Showcase in June, where we were treated to a stunning stop-motion animation trailer that offered a glimpse into the game’s setting and narrative. The showcase also introduced some of the characters, including the protagonist. A year later, in 2024, we now have a gameplay trailer and a release year just around the corner.

Xbox describes the game as “fantastical and macabre,” which matches the tone of Compulsion’s previous work in We Happy Few. Here’s everything we know so far.


The game is set in a fantastical version of the Southern United States, where magic exists and a supernatural Southern Gothic atmosphere permeates the game. Compulsion aims to stay true to the South’s unique identity and culture, blending fantasy with magical realism.


South of Midnight’s Hazel

In South of Midnight, we play as Hazel, introduced in the trailer during a conversation with Shakin’ Bones. While her background remains largely mysterious, we know the gameplay centers on stopping supernatural creatures and helping to set a troubled world right.

The developers have revealed that these creatures are inspired by real-life folklore, and players will be able to use magic for both combat and traversal.

What platforms is South of Midnight available on?

South of Midnight will be an Xbox exclusive, available for Xbox Series X players through Xbox Game Pass. PC players can also enjoy the game via Steam.

Does South of Midnight have a release date?

The release date for South of Midnight is 2025, which was revealed during the 2024 Xbox Games Showcase. However, an official date and month for the game’s release have not been made public yet.

Trailers for South of Midnight

The first trailer for the game dropped in June 2023 at the Xbox Showcase. It uses stop-motion animation to introduce us to some of the characters and the game’s general macabre vibe.

An additional trailer was released a year later during the June 2024 Xbox Showcase which showed off the general mechanics of the game as well as some of the monsters Hazel will be fighting to turn things in her world around.