All Slayers Unleashed clans: Full Rarity list, from Breathing to Demon Art

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Slayers Unleashed is a popular Demon Slayer-inspired Roblox game where players can join clans to gain benefits that will help them in their demon slaying adventures. There are many clans with different rarities currently in the game, and we’re here to break down all of them for you.

The Roblox title Slayers Unleashed features a variety of clans for players to join. Every clan comes with unique benefits and a specific rarity so having all the essential information will be important before committing to a group.

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You can however occasionally reroll your clan by using Slayers Unleashed codes so there are opportunities to experiment until you find the perfect clan for you.

We’ve included all of the current Slayers Unleashed clans and their rarities in the game below, as of August 10, 2022. This list will be updated whenever a new clan is released.

All clans & rarities in Slayers Unleashed

There are currently 14 unique clans featured in Slayers Unleashed. Every group has a different rarity and most have combat bonuses that aid players in their demon slaying.

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You can find a rundown of every clan and its benefits in the table below.

Agatsuma Clan20%x1.3 Damage when using Thunder moves
Hashibaira Clan10%5% Extra Stamina / x1.3 Damage when using Beast moves
Iguro Clan5%Additional Venom damage when using Serpent Breathing
Kamado Clan1%Unlocks Sun Breathing / 10% damage increase / x2 XP Bonus
Kanroji Clan5%15% – 20% extra Love Damage
Kocho Clan15%x1.6 Damage when using Insect Moves
Rengoku Clan5%10% Extra Health / x1.3 Damage when using Flame Moves
Shinazugawa Clan2%x1.3 Damage when using Wind Moves / Damage increases when using Sword Combat
Tokito Clan2%Increased Speed & Stamina / 50% chance for Moon Breathing / x1.3 Damage when using Mist Moves
Toimioka Clan60%x1.2 Damage when using Water Moves
Tsugikuni Clan1%10% Damage increase / 85% chance for Moon Breathing / x2 XP Bonus
Tsuyuri Clan5%Damage increase for Flower Breathing
Urokodaki Clan40%Free Tengu Mask
Uzui Clan6%x1.3 Damage when using Sound Breathing

That’s everything you need to know about all the current clans and rarities in Slayers Unleashed! Make sure to check back here regularly as we’ll be updating our list whenever new clans are added to the game.

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