PlayStation releases most bizarre Ghost of Tsushima stats

Tanner Pierce

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Nearly two weeks after the game hit store shelves, Sony has released some interesting and bizarre statistics surrounding the latest PlayStation exclusive, Ghost of Tsushima.

On July 17, 2020, Sony Interactive Entertainment and developer Sucker Punch released their brand-new title, Ghost of Tsushima. The game garnered critical acclaim and is one of the most talked-about games within the industry right now.

On top of that, the game sold 2.4 million copies within the first three days, making it the highest-selling PlayStation 4 game based on an original IP. Because of this, a ton of people have interacted with the game in a variety of ways. That’s where PlayStation steps in.

Ghost of Tsushima horse
Players have spent 810 years riding horses in Ghost of Tsushima.

Earlier today, PlayStation released a slew of statistics from the game on its Twitter page, based on what players had done and accomplished within the first 10 days of release. While a lot of the statistics make sense, some of them are absolutely jaw-dropping, even with the impressive sales.

  • 8.8 million foxes petted
  • 14.2 million haikus written
  • 15.5 million photos taken
  • 16.2 million onsen visited
  • 17.1 million bamboo strikes
  • 28.1 million flute songs played
  • 37.5 million inari shrines honored
  • 57.5 million duels completed
  • 139.4 million enemies collapsed in fear
  • 156.4 million standoffs
  • 810.3 years on horseback

Easily the most impressive statistic in that list is the final bullet point about players’ time spent on horseback. Even though this is the primary mode of transportation in the game, 810 years is still an insane amount of time, no matter how you slice it.

Overall, it’s good to see a large number of people enjoying their time with Ghost of Tsushima. While games based on established IP are bound to sell marginally well, new IP can sometimes be a shot in the dark.

While it probably won’t happen, it would be interesting to see more statistics from the game as time goes on. Hopefully, people will continue playing the game far past its release date.

Ghost of Tsushima is available exclusively on PlayStation 4.

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